I do know there are names of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and others names ending in "booth". But I do not know that there is also the name of Londonistan.

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Apparently Londonistan is the latest nickname for a city called London. Who created the nickname Londonistan is a prominent journalist, Melanie Phillips, for the sake of portraying the enormous influence of Islam on the British capital in the present.

From 2001 to 2016, London has erected 423 new mosques while some 500 churches have been closed. The Hyatt United Chuch was bought by Muslims from Egypt and converted into a mosque. Similarly, the church of St. Peter was transformed into a mosque of Madina. The Brick Lane Mosque was originally a Methodist church. Not only buildings that change because in 2016 the number of converts in the city of Londonistan doubled.

The Daily Mail deliberately specifically publishes a photo series of facts of Londonistan, among others, with a picture of a mosque and a neighboring church in central Londonistan. Or a scene in the church of San Giorgio with a capacity of 1,230 congregations but only 12 people attending the mass ceremony. Only 20 people seemed present in the cathedral of Santa Maria.

The mosque in the Brune Street Etatate area has a different problem due to the maximum capacity of only 100 people then every Friday, people are forced to spill onto the streets. The current mayor of London is Muslim.

Cherries Peach of the University of Oxford declared the homogeneity of religious people in Britain today faded due to Christian dominance is indeed disappearing. Director of The National Secular Society, Keith Porteus Wood believes that in Britain in the next 20 years the number of Muslims will be greater than the number of Christians.

According to NatCen Social Research Institute research, the number of Anglican people in 2012 until 2014 has declined to around 1.7 million, while the number of Muslims in Britain has increased to one million. Demographics, religious people in Manchester are 15.8 percent Muslim, Birmingham 15.8 percent and Bradford 24.7 percent.

Naturally, if the people of Islamophobia increasingly disquieted paranoid that the wave of disasters Islamization is engulfing the UK. But for those who understand the nature of the process of civilization, did not feel let alone consider the phenomenon of Londonistan as a nightmare at night.

The phenomenon of Londonistan is merely the expression of a change of religious demographic map in Britain where Christian coincidence is experiencing a period of post-maturity while Islam is experiencing a period of growth.

The decline in the number of Christians is not due to the growth of Islam. While still studying and teaching in Germany in the 70s of the XX century where local Muslims are still in very limited numbers, I personally have witnessed how the number of diligent Christians to church continues to decline
The number of people who are administratively out of Christianity is increasingly due to objections to paying church taxes that are legally mandated to be deducted directly from the monthly salary. Especially the young generation of Germany at that time has begun to regard Christianity is irrelevant due to not in accordance with the times.

So it can be concluded that the so-called Islamophobia is actually just a kind of imaginary disease deliberately engineered by those who feel their interests are threatened by the growing number of Muslims.

So even though in reality the majority of terrorist acts on earth in the United States are not really Muslims, but Donald Trump and his supporters are deliberately getting used to using the term radical Islamic terrorists.

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