Ummm, Actions Have Re-actions (ie: Consequences)

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I have been reminded a few times today that actions have re-actions, which can be unintended consequences. If you make a bold decision you must be prepared for the ramifications of that decision.

The first thing I am thinking about (probably because it is coming up so often), is the Roseanne Barr situation. I am sure you know the story – she made an insensitive, racist tweet and her show on ABC got cancelled. She is estimated to lose $90M due to this, and the show was one of the highest rated this year, with a bigger season planned for next year. Regardless of how you feel about Roseanne or her politics, the bottom line is that her actions had unintended consequences. She has been subsequently tweeting that ABC shouldn’t be punishing her co-stars, but sorry, that is just what can happen when you make bad decisions.

The other thing that I am thinking about, and which is really more relevant to me, is the announcement from President Trump that the US will enact tariffs on certain steel and aluminum imports from some of our closest allies. Well, this action will certainly cause a re-action from our trade partners, as they will simply offset this by enacting tariffs on US imports to their countries. Some of our biggest exports are food products, which is going to have a significant impact on farmers in the US. All these additional taxes will also drive prices higher, putting inflation increases at greater rates than wages are increasing, causing less buying power for consumers. Not to mention the impact that the US capital markets will have as “trade wars” are in the headlines every day (more volatility and likely moves downward – the Dow is down 200+ points as I write this).


On the flipside, to enact real change means making hard decisions that may not be popular or easy to implement. Walking the fine line between change and unintended consequences is what leadership is all about.

Unintended consequences are on my mind today, as I have a board meeting tonight for a nonprofit organization (I am the chairman) and I am instituting a few changes for the board meetings. I believe I have thought things through properly and talked to a couple of people beforehand as I thought necessary, but it is very possible that feathers could be ruffled, feelings could be hurt and people will be uncomfortable. Well, if they are truly there to benefit the organization, they shouldn’t get petty or put their feelings ahead of moving the organization forward, right?

Take care my friends,


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really very congratulation for your non profit organization.its very important part of your meeting.always giving alots of new idea of new tropic.just excellent thought quality. your opinion really right.i am agree with your opinion. every action or act has a consequence either bad or good. I believe money is power but we should also remember there is real power too.don,t take any tension about the future, things happen because they should be.very well done.take care yourself and bezt of lu k of your great work.its really great publication anylysis my dear friend. @brian.rrr take rest properly

Being a leader is not a simple job, it is about making decisions that are often not pleasant for everyone, but help to reach the objective that is needed. Good luck today in your meeting!

Hello how are you? Our actions and words have consequences although we are not aware of them. A gesture, a bad word, a mockery, an irony have an effect on the other of which we do not realize, I hope that everything goes well in your meeting and do not have bad consequences, greetings!

If I agree with you about your meeting and I hope it can go well.

And if you are very right, every action or act has a consequence either bad or good, it hurts that this time they were bad but what can you expect when you make a comment? bad consequences do not have to enact racism since we are all equal so surely he had his bad consequence.

I hope everything goes well tonight @brian.rrr

How are you my friend? the actions or acts we do will always have good or bad consequences I imagine it must be like that, I really hope you tell me how it was in your meeting and if you had good or bad consequences, I wish you luck and blessings for your family

How are you friend? you know that I have read and seen this news of the tariffs of steel and aluminum appears in all the virtual newspapers that I follow was a very relevant news I also saw that canada spoke about it very bad what the president wants to do, it is very bad when there is inflation or it rises, in my country every 5 minutes the inflation rises with telling you that the salary you earn working one month reaches you for nothing this is terrible

Decisions always bring consequences, how difficult it is to have the gallantry of facing what comes to you because of what you decided, like the economic consequences to a country, like the contempt of a group of work colleagues. Life is not so easy.

Maybe I'm a little confused here but I do not see how the president's tarrif moves are helping our country. It literally drove the market down when he spoke it, and the reaction that has already been announced by our allies is definitely gonna raise prices for us in this country. Well......let's wait for what happens cause it's gonna be a reaction.

I hope the meeting goes well. Change is difficult for a lot of people, but eventually they adjust to the new situation. Hopefully that transition is smooth for you.

There is always a "butterfly effect". All little changes will add up to something big. Hopefully good intentions will lead to better situations! :)

I think the key is if the change is to benefit the organization then it should be done. And you have talked to people and listened to their sayings and they agree that the change is for improvement.

Wish you success in the meeting.

Information I did not know , Thank you for your amazing posting .

Increasing price increases in the capital market,

people have to face many difficulties in the normal life,

depending on how the government determines the budget of our year.

Wonderful market analysis. I appreciate your clear explanation. Thanks sir @brian.rrr for sharing the valuable article with us.

Just like trump going to meet up with kim jong un about denuclearizing north korea

Very good information. Thanks, @brian.rrr

Good information and very interesting,you are doing very perfectly and great. This will help us to make it easier for us to understand that. Thank you for sharing

Wonderful market analysis. I appreciate your clear explanation. Thanks sir @brian.rrr for sharing the valuable article with us.

Well in your meeting today everything will go as it should be, Congratulations be an important part of a nonprofit organization ... Do not worry about the future, things happen because they should be.

Take care yourself too, friend!

Each action results in another good or bad action for both sides, as a leader we must always ensure the well-being of all and know how to make good decisions to avoid suffering, hopefully not change things wrong in the economy of the United States. UU

Every cause has an effect, without realizing who is harmed along the way, the actions bring consequences that come with something positive or regrettably negative.

In this life I believe money is power but we should also remember there is real power too. For Roseanne to call Valerie Jarrett an Ape is what could be seen as messing with real power. Nice work tho

I hope your meeting went well @brian.rrr

Nice and perfect in the post @brian.rrr

Exactly one action opens the door to another action

certainly, everything you do generates a reaction, the universe is responsible for rewarding you or giving you a good slap.

This will help us to make it easier for us to understand that. Thank you for sharing

Your publication is very good, my dear friend. regards

Nice post.

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