[Musing Q&A]Why did you choose to join Musing, and what do you like/dislike about it ?

in #musing2 years ago (edited)

I answered a similar question before and I think I have the appetite to answer it again one more time.

I joined because musing gave me purpose( that other answer had this exact first line *smh and I can't do anything about it as its as true as it gets). Now when I first joined steemit I knew only a few other users who influenced me in joining(and I still now thank them for this). But only a couple of days later I got bored and it discouraged the shit out of me. Because how long can someone keep writing and find no one to be noticing? Soon I reached my limit and chose to not do it anymore and quit steemit. And then there was musing. I was a kindred spirit and musing became my sanctuary

If I say I felt an uncanny sentiment after I used musing for a week, It wouldn't be an exaggeration. I will not disclose their names but many steemit users from my community followed my footsteps and decided to join musing. I don't know if its appropriate to say this but I think I'm proud of myself for that. Musing is my only weak spot in steemit because it has a sentimental value to me but this, them following me to here, now made me feel more responsible towards musing.

I don't know if the current bear market might cause steem blockchain to be shut down but until that happens musing will be the best part of my cryptic life filled with crypto.

Now what I like about musing is that it's very compact and easy to use. Its curators are so active I sometimes think about if they sleep at all. I like how easy it is for our fellow steemians to get their queries solved with multiple solutions too damn fast.

But two things in musing that bothers me are not having the ability to write in markdown and not being able to use images. And other flaws that musing have has ways to be bypassed. But other than that musing has been a buttery smooth joyride for me

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