What are some ways steemians can do to promote musing.io and attract more users?

in musing •  5 months ago

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Musing can be advertised through many ways. It would be nice to have some banners for musing which users can promote through blogs, steemit, twitter or facebook. Prizes can be given to those who write long posts describing musing and this will attract more people and they will also have the opportunity to study about musing.io and write about it. 

I hope musing admins will think about releasing banner ads for musing so that we can post about it on social sites. 

I agree that ads help but there is also another way to attract people and that is the question and answers posted here.

The quality questions and answers will be indexed by search engines and will come up on priority basis when a person searches and thus musing will get the exposure even without ads. 

I hope all musing users will take care to post quality responses. 

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