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This is an interesting look at things, I like how you have broken it down, if there is more opportunities on steemit now how come less people are on here than before, or do you think that it is still growing?

the posting section seems to have less people posting than before with a minute gap between each post made in the day.

do you think that this will increase?

thank you

I get what your saying but isn't that what flagging does, removes the spam accounts? now with the HF it has made it very hard for any newbie to do anything on the platform don't you think?

I for one would like to see new users on the platform and to make it easier for them to post and comment. with out them the little upvotes people get are become less.

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I agree it should be a longer sentence than just a few years. I can't imagine what goes through one's mind when someone does us like that, knowing your innocent but there's nothing you can do about it :/

Thank you for your input!

I never folded KK and probably won't, but I know a guy who folded AA preflop to a 400$ in the dark shove by some random fish. He explained that if he lost the pot he would also lose over 350$ in profit. "It was not worth it" in his book.

I think that's the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life.

Props to Doyle, a true legend!

I recently folded Aces in a tournament. The only reason, was because 3 other people were all in, and aces, despite being a "made" hand, have terrible odds against that many all ins. Pocket pairs in general have less outs, and sometimes, you might find yourself in the position where folding is the correct move, based on odds.

Heads up is an entirely different story. I would never, EVER fold aces or kings, preflop all in heads up. I can't find any logic to do so. You are always the favorite in the scenario.

Oh yeah, Doyle is the man!!!

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