10 points for @doomsdaychassis!

To continue to answer questions on Quora after you've found out about Musing requires you to be dumb as a brick. The earnings here are stellar. But that's what conditioning has the power to do to people: make them stupid. What I'm talking about is growing up with the idea that your attention and contributions online are financially utterly worthless, which they in actual fact aren't as you can see by looking at the bottom lines of Internet companies.

Sorry, my question wasn't clear. I meant in the future. I edited the question.

Its indeed a good idea to get more people into steemit from Indonesia. However I prefer to keep steemit global and as language English so many different people can interact each other.

I totally agree with you on them scanning the contents of our emails.

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

I feel the same with the reputation scores. I don't there's a need for them. Whaleshares and musing for example don't have such rankings.

Yeah, exactly. And no one is really missing them here on Musing. And I bet most people don't even notice them on Steemit.

Thanks for this list! Do you know if this is counted as per pack or per card opened (so we have 5x per pack)?

Good question! That I am not sure though :) But I think per card opened.

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Ah, alright. Thanks!

This reminded me of the luckiest player from months ago! Lol test.png

Country roads... take me home... to the place.. I belong!

Very detailed and very satisfying answer. Thanks

Thanks @tornad, it's good to see that SH community is active on another good Steem based platform.

I agree with you @chuuukie, delegations are an important part because this way SH can reward good efforts.

I agree with the rest of your statement as well. Team has some very brilliant ideas and they are implementing them without any delay. They are also trying to get rid of hurdles and mischievous actions at every step. I also agree that SH community is also playing a major role in promoting SH as It is not impossible but hard to get popular without the support of good followers.

Brilliant mate! Its always stuff that provides long term savings which is the best investment!

Charity is always a great thing to do. Well done you :-)