Thank you for such an eye-opening answer! It really makes it easier to consider booking an appointment at a psychologist if you concentrate on them as people helping to untangle earphone wires than people who tell you what's wrong with you.

I"m trying to upvote you for your answer, but I seem to be having trouble. It keeps saying loading and it seems to be stuck.

Don't vote let your Resource Credits recharge. I just checked on
Here is the link for you
New accounts need a little time to grow and it takes a short while to get over this hump. I was there where you are now 15 months ago so I know what it feels like.

Just let it charge as it is showing 10 percent. It takes 20 percent a day to charge so roughly 4 days or so and you will be fine. I suggest you don't vote on things for the first week or so and just comment on posts as others will see you and upvote you hopefully.

Go and look at ocd's blog and there are some ways of helping you.@ocd has a post tag for you to use and @futuremind can guide you. It is a bummer but hopefully you will come right.

Hey @cdanderson, thank you for showing interest in being a part of the community here! It's essential that you create an introduction post on Steemit to get started. This will help you get noticed and earn some Steem Power , and this will free up some limitations for your account operations.
The Steem blockchain is pretty complicated for many, and there is much to learn. For some it helps to utilize discord during this process.
I'll leave a list of useful links for discord communities you can join to get started, and these are specifically dedicated to Steem, so you will find plenty of help if discord is a viable option for you.
@minnowsupport is a great place to start with meeting other Steemian's, and many prominent members who are happy to help are always around!
Steem Terminal is another community helping new joins through discord!
If you like mobile based solutions, Steem has this too! The eSteem community is one example, and is a community I am personally involved with. You can join our discord and learn how to use a great Steem app and potentially earn encouragement votes for good content!
I don't want to overwhelm you with too many more discord communities, but there are plenty more you can get involved with as well.
As @cryptoandcoffee mentioned, there are some tags specifically used which help curators find good content. #ocd-resteem is one such tag that you can use to bring the eyes of OCD curators to your content.
I'll extend you an open invitation to message me on discord if you wish, and I would be happy to explain some things you might have questions about. I hope I didn't overwhelm you lol, best wishes to you!

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