One experiment that has had a huge positive impact on society, but also has the potential to result in unethical consequences is genetic engineering. 

Scientists have been studying our DNA to detect mutations, identify our risk for certain diseases, and detect our inherited traits for medical, genealogical, and even forensic purposes. It's main goal, however, is to identify "key" genes in the human DNA, which control the expression of specific traits and diseases, so that they could be edited, corrected, and manipulated. 

Through the years, these experiments has lead to several advancements that has benefited society.

In medicine, it has helped geneticists develop new cures and therapies to cure specific diseases. It has also helped prospective parents better prepare for the birth of their babies with newborn screening. It has even helped individuals identify their risk for certain diseases, so they can prepare accordingly. In the future, the hope is that through genetic engineering, scientists can eventually eradicate disease and extend the human lifespan. 

In other fields, it has also helped improve food security through the development of genetically engineered crops and farm animals. And biologists today believe that with genetic engineering, the possibility of resurrecting formerly extinct animals like the mammoth or dodo is not far behind. 

Despite these positive impacts, our genetic engineering experiments are still fraught with issues and dilemmas that can render it unethical.

One of the biggest ethical issues surrounding genetic engineering is the slippery slope it presents toward "designer babies", and eventually, eugenics where selective breeding is used to engineer a superior race. The argument is that while genetic engineering can help prevent diseases linked to faulty DNA, it also predisposes the population to the idea of "designer babies", where parents can pick and choose the traits they want for their offspring. 

Given how expensive these procedures could be, this could lead to a society where rich people's children will be biologically superior over their middle class counterparts. And if taken a few steps further, the events of the 1997 sci-fi film Gattaca about a "not too distant future" where nearly everyone has been genetically-engineered, may not be too far fetched. 

And finally, one of the breakthroughs scientists are hoping to achieve is the ability to edit human germline cells, such that any enhancements done on a person can be carried over to his or her offspring, as well. 

This could be considered unethical because while the person gave his consent to have his DNA changed, his offspring did not. So, this begs the question of how far should we go in our attempts to improve our DNA. 

It is clear that genetic engineering is one experiment that has had a huge impact on society. From securing our food source to potentially eradicating diseases and creating a healthier population with a longer lifespan. However, given its potentially unethical consequences, genetic engineering is also a field where we should thread lightly.

Hope this helps.


  1. Genetic engineering.
  2. Editing the human genome brings us one step closer to eugenics.
  3. Genome editing.
  4. These Are the Extinct Animals We Can, and Should, Resurrect.

What are your favorite resources for continued learning?

For example are there particular books you have enjoyed, speakers you watch, podcasts you listen to, courses you’ve taken?

I always believe in continuing to learn and develop, and I’d love to get some new resources.

Personally I like to watch Youtube videos to learn new and interesting skills. Kaggle offers all kinds of computer science courses. Khan offers classes on all kinds of subjects Alison also offers a broad spectrum of classes.

I found this while digging around for resources also.

It depends on what information I want to obtain, but being said to be a computer programmer I always use StackOverflow and Youtube

StackOverFlow really do give informations that I was seeking in the field of programming. Given that it was a community for programmers, most of the questions that I was always seeking end up in the platform. But there were times where my questions was too unique that I can't find an answer to the platform, this is the time when I will try to find informations in 

Youtube Like StackOverflow, youtube was very resourceful also. Let's add the fact that it was in video format that have some step by step process that will help viewers to understand thoroughly.

But despite of these sites I always use the Google Search Engine

This gives all the possible information that  person can obtain.

1. Remind myself of my target or target.

Usually before specifying time for a particular endeavor, we tend to make short-term and long-term goals. If my goals begin to be invisible, I can become less motivated than when I always check how close I am to my goals during the process of reaching the goal. Keeping an eye on targets and checking my progress or progress will make me motivated every day.

2. Make checkpoints every week to monitor my progress.

Everyone needs to see where their progress is in achieving their goals if they want to continue to be motivated. If I see that my position fits the plan even more every time I check my progress, I will feel more motivated and happy because I'm getting closer to the target. If I see that I am experiencing obstacles, maybe that is the encouragement that I need to always not get off track towards the goal.

3. Make sure I give a gift for myself every time I reach my weekly goal.

The prize can be as simple as a bowl of ice cream after a hard workout for a week. What a great gift like going to a spa after hard work. Any gift that will keep me trying to reach the goal is what I have to give myself. Give myself a break or time to rest. Sometimes even the most determined people can be overwhelmed, I might force myself too much,

4. Don't push yourself too hard. Everybody sometimes has a setback.

If I fail to reach this week's goal, don't become too emotional. Let me make it a lesson. Not only the way I achieve the goals that must be considered, but how successful the results are and achieve the main goals.

Google used to be my favourite resources for learning because through google i will have access to many

more resource websites that will help me to add to my

knowledge,another platform that i am impressed with is this platform which is,this platform is now a

resource of learning for me because i do see alot of contents that educates me about some certain topics

which i never had good knowledge about,some people ask questions that you can learn from and also many

people give answers that adds to my knowledge and act as a tool of learning for me...

Honestly I don't think I would. The thing with love is that the heart we can't choose who we love. You may have created this image of the perfect person for you in your head, but that doesn't actually mean that's the best person for you. If you can't seem to connect with him/her then that's probably a sign that they aren't right for you.

Marrying someone that you can't love effortlessly will never end well because when you do meet that person that you can love effortlessly, you'll be more than likely to cheat on the person and inevitably end your marriage.

Instead of putting yourselves through that kind of pain, how bout you two just remain as friends.

If he is "everything you ever wanted but your heart is not connecting", then one or the other is false (unless you wanted a no-heart connection :). In this case, maybe you are just looking at a few things based on appearance and are then taking that to mean all your needs will be met. But hang on a sec, your heart is not connecting, so where can you go with this? Would you go ahead and marry the person in the hope that maybe later on your heart will connect? Can that fire be lit later when there is not even a spark now? If your heart is not in it now, but your mind tells you that they are the 'person of your dreams', there is a contradiction - do you see it? What is the life of a person who is in a 'loveless' marriage which they have been led into it by the mind (it's useful, I'll be secure, he's got money, I'll be looked after, he says the right stuff etc etc), only to be disappointed later when the heart aches for what it desires but cannot get?

But the real question is 'do you love yourself?'. If you cannot give something to yourself, how can you give it to another?

Marriage is a form of institution that should not be entered into without adequate preparation,i cannot

marry someone that i do not love and despite all my efforts to love her it is still not working out,,if i marry such person it means i am only marrying her out of pity and

such marriages will not last...i believe that when i want to marry i should get married to a woman who will be my best friend whom my heart is deeply connected to,when you love someone it will make it easier for both parties

to be able to work together to manage the challenges in marriages,how will i be able to connect together with someone that i do not love??definitely the communication will be broken and it would be difficult

for both of us to be together to overcome the challenges that might occur in the marriage

if i do not love someone despite making all efforts but it was abortive then i will gladly let the person see reasons

why we cannot marry then i will end the relationship because “a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage”

Marriage is hard enough on its own let alone when you venture into it with no connection. Before you decide to marry someone, it is important you look beyond the attributes of the person and seek the chemistry.

Are you religiously compatible? Do you think and see things from the same angle? Are you sexually compatible? How emotionally connected are you both? All these are very important factors when it comes to marriage. It is not just about love but when you say connection I know it is more than just love.

Simply put, this person is good but he irritates you so you won't let him cuddle you or kiss you and express PDA with you and you feel it is all about connecting? Stop it dear. This man isn't for you. You will end up in an unhappy marriage. Help us reduce the divorce rate by getting it right before venturing into it.

Only marry someone you have strong chemistry with in all levels.

No difference. You'll just react accordingly when the garbage hits the fan😼

Costs can run high without achieving goals that are achieved quickly. In addition, there was anxiety among team members due to over administration. Risk management is often a secondary problem. When startup is successful, initially they reduce risk management in the hope that the startup team leader can handle the problem and problems when they occur.

Risk remains a secondary problem during startup failure or until there are missed opportunities or targets. In the long run, potential risks can occur and without a clear mitigation strategy, startups will eventually pay the price, calculated in terms of lost resources, a burst schedule, or a flooded capex. In certain scenarios, companies may need to register under the regulatory authority, which can request regular or scheduled audits or implying certain conditions in the future that require the application and follow a certain risk management framework.

When startup does not follow the framework as required by the regulatory authority, this may mean startup problems. These issues are related to local government agencies because they run companies without meeting regulatory requirements.

Entrepreneurs risk losing

There is a problem with risk management. When an entrepreneur is at risk of losing money, it makes someone look pessimistic and disturbing,while not taking a proactive attitude to risk, making it a progressive team player.

Purpose Risk management is to prepare as much business as possible for all factors, known and unknown, which can hinder their success in any way.

Steem's Hivemind is being built in Python and SQL. Will it be immediately accessible with any coding language?

Will Hivemind initially only be accessible using Python? Or is access to the data through the SQL database? Will it have libraries for other languages like JS?

According to what I've read and what I've been told, Hivemind will have an API that will of course be accessible through any language that is able to use that API. I don't suppose they'd block a whole innovative API, which has been promoted for months as a "revolution", for just one scripting language.

The human being. I think our planet would be much healthier and all other animals much better off without us.

(Presuming there is a god or several of them and that something was created...)

Mosquitoes! Of course! Everybody hates mozzies. Their bite cause itchiness and discomfort to its victims. They fly around disturbing your sleep with constant buzzing.

But the most dangerous point of mosquitoes are the diseases that they are responsible in spreading. Here are the diseases they help spread, some of them are extremely dangerous and critical;

The only purpose of mosquitoes is that their larvae contribute (very slightly) to the ecosystem. Mosquitoes need water to breed and their larvae grows on the surface of water for days. These larvae are food for other animals such as bird. However, besides mosquitoes larvae, birds can also feed on other insects. Mosquitoes larvae is not too important in this aspect.

Therefore, God should have never created mosquitoes. They do more harm than good. And mankind don't need these mozzies.

Creating something like an octopus would never cross my mind :)

I love them but they're a bit weird compared to teh rest of the animals.

If i were GOD i will never create dangerous animals like lion,snake and many other dangerous animals,,i feel

dangerous animals can kill humans and i would not want people to be killed so i will not want to create

dangerous animals,but GOD will have a reason why be created those dangerous animals but if i were GOD i will

never create dangerous animals

the kind of animals i would love to create are animals like dogs,birds,horses,goats..etc...

Honestly I wouldn't say life is fair but more like it tries to balance things out.

As per your example: People who are born into rich families are often not very united as a family because they focus mostly on work, their businesses and trying to maintain their wealth as oppose to poor-to-average families who have a lot of chance to connect with each other due to them living in an average-sized house.

People who are beautiful/handsome might look like they have it easy, but the most common problem they face is finding a true and real partner. It is no hidden fact that people are attracted to beauty and that is why for this people they really need to test first if it's not only the physical appearance or lust the other party wants and feels about them.

Not really sure if this is a good example of people who have great luck but for simplicity's sake, people who have won the lottery. True they are somewhat blessed at one point in their life but if they don't know how to manage the money nor know who to trust, then their winnings could be gone in less than 5 years. 

So in a way, nature tries to balance things out. 

Life seems unfair, especially if we are born with difficult conditions, lack of economy, bad looks, unless we win in many ways, then we all surely feel life is unfair. There are those who live easily and get things easily, environments that are more peaceful and supportive, more families are, greater opportunity to achieve education / work / ideals and others.

But that does not mean we have to live this unjust life, the more we demand the world to be fair, the more sad we will be because justice has never existed from the beginning. The World of Play with different rules, rules that make sense but are a little confusing and less comfortable to hear, by why many people never understand.

1. We Believe that life is a choice. Indeed life is a choice but we cannot choose to be born where, when we were born, who our family is, our physical appearance, our physical appearance, and things that are destined for us.

Almost everyone around the first 15-20 years of his life is not their choice, but the accumulation of parental / family, school, environmental and social direction. Life is a choice our optional name is limited to a certain age we are free to determine our own destiny.

2. Life is a Competition

We often hear that we are not competing with others, the biggest enemy is ourselves, we must defeat ourselves, and so on until we finally realize that we must be better than others to win.

We all live in competition, even though we are not aware of it. An achievement / success must still be measured / compared with others, it may sound uncomfortable and strange, but think if your goal of success is wealthy for example having 100 billion in money (just an example) but everyone around you can earn 10 trillion in income, still you are proud of that achievement? Can it be called success.

3. We are Assessed from What We Do, Not What We Think

Society Assess someone from what they can do for others. We are all judged by what we do, but we judge ourselves based on our thoughts. We judge ourselves that "I am a good person", "," I am better ... ", but the world does not judge us like that, and our judgment about ourselves is not important.

4. The concept of justice is our own mind

we all have the right and wrong thoughts and hope the world is in line with our minds.

Sometimes we feel other people are stupid, unfair, unintelligent, and evil because they don't think with us.

We demand that they have to think with us. Why? Because we are entities of truth that need not be questioned again. questioned again.

Sometimes it is true that there are people / figures who are wrong because they are not as thoughtful as us, it does not mean they are completely wrong / evil, but some people just try to live life as best as possible with the situation / position that is different from our situation.

Why Is Life Unfair?

Justice is just one of the ideals of human thought, let us think a little and turn the question back into:

What if life is fair for everyone ...?

Isn't life a bushel if life is "Fair / Fair" according to our idealism, all good people must be successful, everyone who is in high school must be successful, those who work hard must be successful.

I do not believe that life favours some people and decided to be unfair to some certain people,i strongly

believe that every one on earth have faced or will face challenges in life and the ability to overcome the

challenges is what makes one to become successful in life,the irony of it is that those you think that life favoured

them also have their own stories to tell and it when you hear their own story that you will realize that life itself

has dealt with most people but the ability to stay focused and determination is what will determine your

fate in regards to whether life will favour you or otherwise....

always remember that “life is a teacher,the more we live the more we learn”...enjoy your day....

There was this word in life called "LUCK"

It is true that being born in a rich family was considered lucky and being born in a poor family wasn't considered.

But come to think of it, life doesn't always depend on the LUCK. We still need to make our effort to became what we want.

For me, we are all equal. We all have the chance to became rich, despite on how hard we can obtain this goal - still we are allowed to became rich.

It isn't impossible for a poor kid became rich someday, investing of his efforts and hardwork are the things that only differs.

I do have this kind of thinking in life

"There were the chance rule in life, we have these

  1. There were 30% chance that I will become rich
  2. There were 70% chance that I became rich
  3. there were 10% chance that I will become rich"

Those were just 3 examples of the chance rule, if I would elaborate more we would end up having 100 items in the list (assuming that there were no decimal percentage)

Too many choices that would make your mind explode, so I came up on my rule

"One way or another rule / 50:50 Rule"

I do believe that we only have 2 choices in life, either choose life or death, either choose left or right, win or lose, up or down, either becoming rich or becoming poor

This concludes that 2 choices only exist, 50:50 chance, let's don't waste our time solving some mathematical equations to compute the percentage of success to our every actions. Thus let us use that time to come up on an idea that will help us succeed.

That's just the way life is, you can't blame it on anyone or anything, because many times we don't realize what we do to earn what we do, sometimes it's deserved and other times it's not but it just happens, I'll tell you my story, life hit me very hard when I had my first child, it turned out to be autistic, and this just happened, for no apparent reason, it's something that happens, and it cost me a lot to understand that, because I always wondered why, I understood that it only happens, and all this is art of life, the issue here is the attitude with which you face life, always willing to fight, as a soldier in war, and I assure you that you'll be better off, it's a matter of attitude.

Yes, I accept that life is unfair...

But why can't it ever be unfair in my favour?!😾

I've been on Australian Ninja Warrior, and it was literally the most fun thing I've ever done.  The training is absolutely huge, and honestly, takes about a year, but it really is incredible.  The crowd is hugely supportive and the obstacles are really fun.  I got up to the semi-finals.... and then went out on a silly balance obstacle.  I've been working on balance ever since.  I'd love to be able to get back onto the show.

I wrote a post on that 2 months ago here on steemit.

Ecology is simply how we relate with ourselves in relation to the environment.

People should know that for every actions they take, there is an impact on the environment and the impact is either positive or negative. All our daily activities have an impact on the environment.

The environment provides us with food, water, a place to erect our buildings, economic growth and so on. Therefore, we should respect it.

Imagine you are in a place with no food, water, a place to rest, good air. How do you think you can survive. Humans have no regard to the environment/ecosystem due to their pursuit of economic advancement, personal advancement which should not be so.

A comprehensive Environmental impact assessment is a good tool to solve this issue and make people more conscious of why they do that may harm the environment.

This is the link to the post I made

One good way to motivate others to be ecologically conscious is to introduce them to ecologically sustainable products and solutions that they can use without altering their behavior. 

For example, instead of explaining the reasons why they should stop using plastic straws and utensils, why not gift them with a metal straw that they can carry anywhere, so they can use it instead of plastic straws. Or, instead of trying to convince them to save electricity, why not show them more energy-efficient alternatives to their current devices and appliance, and show the potential cost-savings involved. 

By reducing the friction involved on their part or not making it seem like a big deal, perhaps you can nudge their way into ecological consciousness.

people know that by destroying ecology it certainly has a threat to human life. But until now even humans are not aware of the dangers that must be borne, instead humans continue to destroy it in pursuit of economic value. By looking at ecological problems and their impact on humans, in this paper I want to explore concepts and the phenomenon of ecological damage and the attitude that needs to be built in the face of a dilemma between the threat of the soul and mutual welfare.

Relationships Dependence between humans and the environment is a fundamental entity that cannot be underestimated. Human existence is always faced with environmental problems, between disasters and welfare. In every city in the name of development to answer the population explosion, food needs, shelter and clothing as well as a place to live ecological damage is always increasing.

We need to understand that no matter how small an act of damaging nature by a person and the same actions taken by tens of millions of city dwellers in a country can have a global impact. As a result, the island nation must suffer the loss of a part of the island because it is submerged in the sea.

Okay. I think switching Samuel L Jackson in The hitman bodyguard with Kevin Hart in Think like a man too will give the most odd film.

Samuel L Jackson though having little humour is more of an action actor and will find it difficult to fit in Think like a man too. It's so odd that it's going to get so much negative reviews.

Now imagine Kevin Hart dodging bullets, summersaulting, firing at Dukhovich men. Kevin Hart portraying Darius is so absurd. It's the biggest unfit or should I call it misfit that I could ever think of.

Treasures! Just ask Hollywood and we can see so many movies using caves as a safe haven to hide the bad guys loot of treasures. Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, just to name a few.

It make sense though. Caves are really a good place to hide your treasures. Dark, wet and full of bats and other nasty animals, nobody in the right mind would venture into a cave, especially in ancient times. Most caves are found at hideous and desolate wilderness, away from any civilisation and you can be guaranteed to have no visitors.

Naturally formed caves are also free to use. With treasures hidden in them, they are protected from harsh weather like sun and wind. The only problem may be moist and rust, but hey, your treasures must be gold right? Those are resistant to rust.

Don't be surprised to find that there are actually unexplored caves in our world with hidden treasures in them. You just need to find them!

In the recent case of the Thai football team that got trapped in a cavenin Chiang Mai, the best thing they could have found were the rescuers! 

However, wouldnt it be exciting to find some hidden treasure left behind by a pirate from years ago, or a message in a bottle sent from half way around the world!

What youre most likely to find however, are bats and a load of super bacteria.

It could be worse though. You kight find Elon Musk and his mini submarine!

I think human paintings or writings on the cave wall. This will be the best thing. It is believed that ancient humans inscribe paintings on walls to pass down information to offsprings.

There was no internet, notepad, libraries then, so the best way they could store this information is writing on walls. Not just any wall that could be demolished anytime.

The cave is the perfect place. Finding a cave painting or writing will mean a lot as it can change the world. It will let us have more knowledge about the past generations

Well, in cave you can easily find a lot of minerals. Or if you are reclusive, you can find calm and silence. Depending on the circumstances, you may find there also either darkness or various types of reflected light.

Why are most accounts on steem powering down?

It seems to me when i look in a few wallets of big steem accounts they are powering down steem power. If they really believe in the future why would they do that? Doesn't seem like a good sign to me.

I can't say for sure whatever the reasons may be for those big players to power down some of their Steem. It could range from a tactical move, a business move, or they are just trying to liquidate their SP so they can transfer it to their alts.

It is understandable that if you only look at a few accounts (especially the big players), it might seem they are losing interest and hope for the future of Steem. However if you look at the Overall Power Up and Power Down difference for ALL Steem Accounts in the platform, it seems lately that a lot of people are powering up not powering down.

The image below was taken from penguinpablo's latest weekly report for Week 35 (Aug 28 -Sep 4) of year 2018 (DATE).

So No! It seems like a lot of people still have high hopes for STEEM especially after they announce Hard Fork 20 and the possible release of SMT next year.

My guess is they want to withdraw some amounts near the end of this year because there's a chance steem + sbd price will rise very high at the end of this year, just like last year.

Because power down need 13 weeks to finish, so they started power down now.

I don't think that most of them are doing that, but there might be quite a few powering down. Regarding the reason on why would someone power down it's hard to tell. 

Some of them might leave Steemit for good, for any particular reason, some of them might invest their Steem in other cryptocurrencies while some of them probably are keeping their Steem liquid for a possible future bull run in which they can sell those coins at a good price and take some profits on their investment. 

It might also be the case of some people powering down to sell high if prices are going to go up in the next months to come just to buy more coins cheaper after the bubble of prices bursts. It's hard to find an exact reason for every power down you can see on different wallets. 

There are could be many strategies in work for every user. 

I do not agree that most accounts are powering

down,but i would agree if someone says that some whales are powering down their steempowers,but i

believe that some people are powering down because of the current bearish trend of the steem on the

cryptocurrency market and i think that if more people keep powering down then it is not good for the steem

economy and it could make the steem price to keep going down and that is why steem investors needs to

understand that steem has great future and they should reduce the powering down...

EveryoneEveryone has reasons for powering down. Most are looking to get a good value for their STEEM when the price rises while some may need for other issues.

Looking at @penguinpablo steem weekly stats

The average difference in power down was a negative value of 218,472 STEEM. As I said before. There are reasons for powering down and you can start a conversation with the user on why starting a power down.

Just as we have power down we also have users powering up. This shows that people still believe on the platform.

An average of 1,508,612 STEEM was powered up in the past week. This shows that there is nothing to be alarmed off. The users have their needs, hence the  for a powerdown.

The answer to that question is not straight forward but the way I see without been overly technical. There reasons depend on the individuals behinds those accounts but these are what I suspect.

* *Waiting For The Rise* : I know of some accounts that are powering down but to leave it in their steem account or other kind of savings. I guess they are waiting and hoping to maximize any rise in price.

* *To maintain the lifestyle* : Though this may not apply everyone but it is worth considering especially from minnows and dolphins perspective. Few months ago, crypto investors seem to be living large and dependent of the recurrent income from steem blockchain. But with the price below one tenth of what it was then and rewards not accumulating like before. There may be some needs requiring powering down.

But all these are temporary as a lot of steem from the powering down may end up getting powered up once still some rise which will likely to be soon with hardfork 20 and SMT in the horizon.

There are quite a few people with a lot of SP that are constantly powering down. They aren't powering down to leave the platform though.

Since we currently get paid in half Steem and half SP they are simply liquidating some of their assets.

As far as I can tell most people with bigger accounts are attempting to maintain their current level of SP while siphoning some Steem off in other directions,  possibly towards EOS or Bitcoin.

I wouldn't worry too much about it.  It's part of the process.

Yes, some are powering down - but how much? For most it's only a certain amount and they still are a whale.

I personally don't like convincing others to do things that they don't want to do. 

I would only do that to a kid, assuming that he or she is just being stubborn or unwilling to try new things. In this case, I would either try to bribe the kid with a treat or do the thing that they don't want to do with them, so they won't have to be afraid. 

As for adults, I would let them be. They're adults. They should know better. If they don't want to try something, it's probably for a reason. I would like to believe that they are smart enough to know what they like and be aware of the reasons why they refuse to try something. Insisting could just annoy them. And being manipulative and coercive will just anger them. So, to keep the peace, I'll leave them be.

If I want to convince someone to do something, I would do the following:-

First of all I will explain the benefits of doing that 

Then will explain the drawbacks to not doing that

I can also offer some incentives to doing that work.

List all the Pros and Benefits he will likely get for doing that something. People at times don't do things out of fear that the risks might far outweigh the benefits he will likely get. 

A very good common example for this would be: Someone who doesn't want to leave his family for an opportunity to work at a good company but is outside the country. 

While it is very understandable why someone won't do that, they must also consider the benefits that he and his family will likely get. Working at a good company ensures his families future and is likely to give them a good chance of living a good life. 

I can convince someone to do what they never wanted to do by using something called reverse psychology,the

reverse psychology which i will use for such person is that i will command them to do a certain thing which is

an opposite of what i actually really wanted them to do,many humans will naturally want to resist my

commandments and would not want to do exactly what i asked them to do but instead they might do the

opposite just to prove a point but unknowingly to the person the opposite thing they are trying to do was

exactly what i really wanted them to do....i have used this trick severally and it works 80% of the time...:

By asking them to do the opposite 😹

In other to convince someone to do what they didn't want to do you must make sure what you are convincing them for is something that really worth it. Making sure that enough reasons are given and explaining and elaborating why they need to change their mind is very key. Some people are very adamant and they might have concluded already.This will make it very difficult to sneak into their heart and doing the changing things.

We must also put into consideration that we are trying to make someone change his mind so we mustn't be harsh about how we present it. Showing more liniency will add to the success of the game.

Also if there is any instances that can be given to buttress the points,it will be of advantage.

I was convinced by a friend to keep trying contributing on projects on Steem block chain after series of failure and I yielded due to how he approached the matter. I gave my excuse but what rendered me powerless was one statement. He said okay don't use your precious time,only contribute at your leisure. I was moved and that's what got me answering this question.

Try type the question in the search bar near the upper left hand corner of to see if anything similar comes up.

Books and items involving the TV shows and movies the recipient of the gift enjoys.

Giving out gifts for me depend on the person I am giving. It depends on the age of the person.

For the little children. I try to buy games, toys for them as gifts. I believe they need this in their growing up phase.

For the teenagers, what could be more better than getting them a nice smartphone with some jeans and polo with sneakers. They will appreciate it more than anything else. They will be eager to show it to their friends.

Older people I love to get them T-shirts as gifts with some drugs that strengthen and relieve pain.

I feel any gift we give represents and is somewhat a reflection of the giver therefore I always give gifts of love which causes me to put some thought into what I want to give and why. The gifts I give are letters, cards, Just a notes,, jewelry that I make, fragrances, incense, soaps, candles, and gift baskets that i create for the body, home or the celebration at hand. 

Yes, I really like giving gifts or receiving gifts from someone. For ordinary friends or close friends, and co-workers, who must be prepared to buy and give gifts, of course, will be different, not because many different things are given.

When choosing a prize, of course we ask people to receive the gift first.

Gifts that can make him happy

they are happy, and will be very happy if they can accept something they really want. There is almost no chance to ask what items he wants.

I love to give gifts according to the kind of person i am giving in regards to what him or she likes,i have some

friends that love reading books and if i give them a

lovely book as a gift they do appreciate it even more than a gold jewellry and there are also some of my

friends that love gadgets so i will give someone a gift based on what they love,but i personally love to give

people gifts like mobile phones,necklace(if the person is female),wrist watch,shoes and bags....

Well, so there is something different, why not give something different and can only be owned by themselves. Here are some unique and cool gift choices that you can give to people closest to you. And it can be very special because it is custom made, of course this is very unique because only they will have it. Sometimes the most beautiful gift is not seen from the price. But rather than the effort given by the giver to the person concerned.

Necklaces with engraved names can be perfect gifts for your loved ones. This special gift will feel more special because the name can be written so that the gift feels more exclusive. Name necklace made of brass with a crystal pendulum wrapped in wire. 22-28cm long chain. The size of the name bar is 1cmx4cm. Length of pendulum 2cm. Writing, font and size as desired.

Fatty Liver Symptoms

Someone is declared to have fatty liver when the weight of the liver is 5-10 percent more than the normal weight of the liver. Generally fatty liver does not cause symptoms. However, some sufferers can feel uncomfortable in the stomach or fatigue. The liver organ also looks enlarged, although this can only be seen when the doctor performs a physical examination.

Clearer symptoms appear when the liver begins to experience inflammation. This condition is indicated by:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • The body feels tired and weak
  • Confused

When inflammation develops into cirrhosis, the symptoms that sufferers can experience are:

  • Yellowish skin and eyes
  • Ascites
  • It tends to bleed more easily
  • Feeling confused
  • The palm is red
  • Gynecomastia
  • Blood vessels dilate under the surface of the skin

Meanwhile, fatty liver that occurs during pregnancy is a dangerous complication of pregnancy. Symptoms usually occur in the third trimester, in the form of persistent nausea and vomiting, pain in the upper abdomen, yellow skin, and a sluggish body.

Some symptoms of fatty liver are not too pronounced. Even the symptoms are usually considered trivial or common so there is no further action such as checking the doctor or do liver X-rays. Because of that, too many fatty liver sufferers are late to find out. some symptoms of fatty liver or fatty liver that you must be aware of.

1. Significant weight loss

The first feature or symptoms of fatty liver is significant weight loss in a relatively fast time. Weight loss is caused by decreased appetite and indigestion or stomach. Indigestion also causes you to vomit often and indirectly reduce your weight drastically.

2. There is a disturbance in remembering

Forgotten Indeed, it is one of the diseases caused by age. But if you often forget but your age is still young then you must be aware of other diseases in your body. Memory disorders usually occur because of the disturbance in the head as a result of too hard a collision. But other than that, the famous news often forgets is also one of the characteristics of fatty liver in the liver.

3. Pain in the right ribs

The organ of the human heart lies between the chest and abdomen and on the right side. If you often feel uncomfortable or feel sick in that part then it is one indication of fatty liver. But the pain in that part is not necessarily due to fatty liver, because it's a good idea to check with your doctor to be clearer and get the right way of healing.

4. Dry Mouth

Fatty liver will also affect your oral health condition. Because of that dry mouth becomes one of the characteristics or symptoms of fatty liver that is easily known. Mouth Is the path of entry of food which usually has a certain level of humidity. That's because of the production of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is also the one that produces enzymes to destroy the food we eat. Therefore, if the mouth is dry, you will find it difficult to digest food while in the mouth.

5. Swollen foot

Swollen feet usually occur in fatty liver patients who are already quite severe. That's because fat inhibits the detoxification process and body metabolism resulting in blockages in several other body tissues. In addition to feet, some others can also experience symptoms of swelling like in the abdomen.

6. Jaundice

Jaundice is characterized by yellowing of the skin, the whites of the eyes, and the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. It is caused by the buildup of bilirubin in the blood and several other networks. The buildup usually occurs due to interference with the liver or bile. One of the liver disorders that we mean is one of fatty liver.

Some symptoms of fatty liver are not too pronounced. Even the symptoms are usually considered trivial or common so there is no further action such as checking the doctor or do liver X-rays. Because of that, too many fatty liver sufferers are late to find out. some symptoms of fatty liver or fatty liver that you must be aware of.

1. Significant weight loss

The first feature or symptoms of fatty liver is significant weight loss in a relatively fast time. Weight loss is caused by decreased appetite and indigestion or stomach. Indigestion also causes you to vomit often and indirectly reduce your weight drastically.

2. There is a disturbance in remembering

Forgotten Indeed, it is one of the diseases caused by age. But if you often forget but your age is still young then you must be aware of other diseases in your body. Memory disorders usually occur because of the disturbance in the head as a result of too hard a collision. But other than that, the famous news often forgets is also one of the characteristics of fatty liver in the liver.

3. Pain in the right ribs

The organ of the human heart lies between the chest and abdomen and on the right side. If you often feel uncomfortable or feel sick in that part then it is one indication of fatty liver. But the pain in that part is not necessarily due to fatty liver, because it's a good idea to check with your doctor to be clearer and get the right way of healing.

4. Dry Mouth

Fatty liver will also affect your oral health condition. Because of that dry mouth becomes one of the characteristics or symptoms of fatty liver that is easily known. Mouth Is the path of entry of food which usually has a certain level of humidity. That's because of the production of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is also the one that produces enzymes to destroy the food we eat. Therefore, if the mouth is dry, you will find it difficult to digest food while in the mouth.

5. Swollen foot

Swollen feet usually occur in fatty liver patients who are already quite severe. That's because fat inhibits the detoxification process and body metabolism resulting in blockages in several other body tissues. In addition to feet, some others can also experience symptoms of swelling like in the abdomen.

6. Jaundice

Jaundice is characterized by yellowing of the skin, the whites of the eyes, and the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. It is caused by the buildup of bilirubin in the blood and several other networks. The buildup usually occurs due to interference with the liver or bile. One of the liver disorders that we mean is one of fatty liver.

Some symptoms of fatty liver are not too pronounced. Even the symptoms are usually considered trivial or common so there is no further action such as checking the doctor or do liver X-rays. Because of that, too many fatty liver sufferers are late to find out. some symptoms of fatty liver or fatty liver that you must be aware of.

1. Significant weight loss

The first feature or symptoms of fatty liver is significant weight loss in a relatively fast time. Weight loss is caused by decreased appetite and indigestion or stomach. Indigestion also causes you to vomit often and indirectly reduce your weight drastically.

2. There is a disturbance in remembering

Forgotten Indeed, it is one of the diseases caused by age. But if you often forget but your age is still young then you must be aware of other diseases in your body. Memory disorders usually occur because of the disturbance in the head as a result of too hard a collision. But other than that, the famous news often forgets is also one of the characteristics of fatty liver in the liver.

3. Pain in the right ribs

The organ of the human heart lies between the chest and abdomen and on the right side. If you often feel uncomfortable or feel sick in that part then it is one indication of fatty liver. But the pain in that part is not necessarily due to fatty liver, because it's a good idea to check with your doctor to be clearer and get the right way of healing.

4. Dry Mouth

Fatty liver will also affect your oral health condition. Because of that dry mouth becomes one of the characteristics or symptoms of fatty liver that is easily known. Mouth Is the path of entry of food which usually has a certain level of humidity. That's because of the production of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is also the one that produces enzymes to destroy the food we eat. Therefore, if the mouth is dry, you will find it difficult to digest food while in the mouth.

5. Swollen foot

Swollen feet usually occur in fatty liver patients who are already quite severe. That's because fat inhibits the detoxification process and body metabolism resulting in blockages in several other body tissues. In addition to feet, some others can also experience symptoms of swelling like in the abdomen.

6. Jaundice

Jaundice is characterized by yellowing of the skin, the whites of the eyes, and the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. It is caused by the buildup of bilirubin in the blood and several other networks. The buildup usually occurs due to interference with the liver or bile. One of the liver disorders that we mean is one of fatty liver.

Liver is one of the common and very importance organs of animals, which produces necessary biochemicals for digestion, also produces some hormones and takes part in decomposition of RBC.

The fatty liver refers the condition of a liver when it gains extra fats, which is a serious disease while it builds up too much fats, which is called Hepatic Steatosis in medical science.

Inflammation progresses to the very bad condition in a fatty liver, it results into abdominal discomforts and small pain. Sometimes a fatty liver becomes slightly enlarged. Other symptoms are weakness, confusion and weight loss atc. atc..

Drinking alcohol is the major cause of fatty liver, it also occurs when a body builds up too much fats of if a body don't metabolise fat enough for any reason. More than 1 to 2 drinks a day can be harmful for liver & and too much drinking can damage a liver permanently.

We can prevent the dangerous disease with required daily exercise and healthy diets, most importantly, we've to limit the alcohol drinking.

How do you guys deal with dry eyes?

I can't possibly be the only one that gets dry eyes after being sitting in front of a computer or after using my phone for a while right? so how do you deal with it?


Dry eyes can occur when tear production and drainage are not balanced.

To help alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes syndrome (DES), try doing it:

1. Place a humidifier or moisturizer in the house. With more moisture in the air, tears will evaporate more slowly and keep your eyes more comfortable.

2. Excessive movement of air can dry your eyes. Avoid this by reducing the speed of the ceiling fan.

3. Massage Eyelids use baby shampoo and rinse with a warm compress. Baby shampoo is thicker and lubricated. This is very helpful if you have inflammation of the eyelids or have a problem with the glands on the eyelids.

A warm compress will warm the oil in the gland, so the tears flow more easily. Massaging action helps pull oil from the gland. This cleansing action will reduce the number of bacteria that break down the oil in your eye area.

4. Artificial tears and lubricating eye drops can help provide more moisture and moisture on the surface of your eyes. Artificial tears, usually used about four times a day,

5. Eye ointment lubricants are much thicker than eye drops and gels. Therefore, ointment lasts longer than eye drops and gels. However, because of its thickness, ointment can obscure your vision if used during the day. Therefore, use it to lubricate your eyes before you go to sleep.

6. If you feel your eyes dry, especially when reading or watching TV, taking breaks to rest your eyes and using drops can help.

Dry eyes means there is not enough tears to moisturize the eyes.

From your question, I can deduce that you basically get dry eyes from staring at bright things.

For your own case I will suggest decreasing your gadgets screen brightness. You should also enable night mode when using your gadgets in the night.

In general users are urged to avoid dry dusty environment that may increase the dryness. Artificial tears can also be used to mitigate the effect of dryness. Usage of humidifier is also encouraged indoors.

this is what I often do to overcome it

Using coconut oil

In addition to using warm water, we can also use coconut oil to overcome dry eye problems. Simply by applying it to the eyelids and leave it for 15 minutes, the eyes will feel much better and more comfortable so that we can get back to normal activities.

Use rose water

Pour rose water on the container and dip the cotton in the rose water. We can use this cotton to compress the eyes for at least 15 minutes. By doing it two to three times a day, our eyes will become more relaxed and free from dry and tired eye problems.

Keep blinking

When working in front of a computer, we often forget to wink so the eyes become dry and tired easily. Try to keep blinking regularly so that the tears still make the eyes moist so that we will not be prone to dry eye problems.

The following are simple tips that are effective for increasing productivity while working from home,

1. Discover your rhythm

Adjust to the type and nature of your work, which may not need to be based on regular work hours. Finding work rhythms is very important, so you can stay productive. However, if your type of work requires regular working hours, you can better manage unproductive working hours. For example, you can schedule manual work at these hours. Or then make a large cup of coffee to deal with the heap of reports to read.

2. Bathe, shave & dress

Working from home can make you choose to stay unshaved, and work on your pajamas all day. But if you want it to be a productive day, do it right. Run your morning ritual in the same way as if you go to the office. You will feel refreshed and energetic after taking a bath, with clean clothes and fresh trousers.

3. Start the day properly

Following from point 2, you must have a healthy breakfast to start the day properly. After breakfast, give time to relax and gather, before starting work. Do Yoga, or spend an hour planning your day. Whatever it is, this is the time to enter into a productive mindset.

4. Have a decent work space

Don't make the mistake of thinking you can do your job lying on the sofa because it's very comfortable. It's so comfortable, so you will start to sleep and fall asleep. If you want to stay productive, prepare a work space that is suitable for work. In this way, your brain knows that it's time to work when you sit in your chair.

5. Invest a good chair

Having a decent seat to work is very important. Moreover, you spend hours on it, Get the right office chair to maintain your body posture while providing an adequate waistrest. Your back will thank you for that.


This might sound very unusual but one of the best way to overcome an unproductive day is simply just to REST and call it a day. 

There are many reasons why people feel unproductive, but mostly the reason is just simply because they are tired physically or mentally. In a way, it's how the body tells you that you are overexerting and overthinking things and you need to chill. 

Over fatigue, lack of sleep and stress can make you lose focus on work.. All of which can be solved by simply just RESTING. Go sleep, relax and have fun once in a while and by tomorrow, chances are you will be productive again.

When having unproductive moments, I look for quick wins!

Quick wins are small things I can do, and finish (very important!), in a very short period of time, like 2 or 5 minutes or so. 

Doing those quick wins, will get your mind switch to a positive mindset of accomplishment, and the pleasure that comes with that. And it will make you want to accomplish more.

Et voila, before you know it, your unproductive moment has turned into a productive one ;-)

I think when as unproductive come to my side I just enjoy the moment

There were only few times when the unproductive day comes to me so I just take my time, have a good sleep, eat foods that I want and call it a day.

This also will help me for the upcoming day where I surely will became more productive than my usual day.

I can say that after an unproductive day, I usually make the following day 2 times more productive.

I think it's my mindset that wants to cope up with the unproductive day

I would suggest based on what I do since I have been working at home for the last 10 years is to lean into that feeling or rhythm of just not sensing any creativity flowing or having any passion or get up and go to tackle your scheduled itinerary. Flow with this feeling while you take the opportunity to do other stuff but reserve some mental space for contemplation on what you could do or what you would like to do or how you would like to do it.. One example for those having a mental block from creating is to browse the web to get some inspiration or read a chapter from a book you love,or observe life around you to get inspiration. Look at blogs you love on Steemit to get inspiration and as you are browsing often times that light bulb will come on. Also on rare occasions such as burnout the answer may be to not push forward but to accept the fact that it is a given in life that we will have unproductive days and for those days of what we so often call down time, if you can, do what you love and visit places and spaces that will rei-inspire you back to the point where you are led to regain your momentum.

Now I know. Bookmark this question and all the answers and study them. If I had 10,000 SP I would dedicate 50% of it to all of the persons that answered your question.

Why do people use tags that are irrelevant to the questions they ask?

Some persons ask question on education and use steem as a tag. Others ask questions about relationship and travel as tag.

This problem is already prevalent in steemit. People like to use irrelevant tags, especially the trending tags, in the hope to reach more users. This behaviour is always frowned upon by the steem community. Unfortunately, right now there is nothing we can do about it. Musing can perhaps come out with some rules that forbid these misuse, like not upvoting them, for example.

In steemit, some communities like the #kr will actually warn and even flag anyone who uses the tag and post in non-korean language. But in musing, it doesn't work because musing questions are comments in a steemit post, and there is no flagging in the interface.

I am sure the owners are aware of this problem and a solution should be planned. Let's wait for it.

I have observed the same thing too and i think it is an issue that owners should look into,most

people that use the wrong tags intentionally because

they want to use so many tags because they believe that the more tags they use then the more upvotes they

could get and there are some people that unintentionally do it because they do not even know the right tags to use for their question,,think there should be

a feature that can make people to be able to flag

contents that makes use of the wrong tags which misinform alot of users on this platform,i believe that the

flagging feature will curb the problem of wrong tags been used on a question even when the question is not in any way related to the tag.....

Some people intentionally use the wrong tags as a way to deceive people into checking their contents 

even if the tags are unrelated to the content,i think that it is a habit or action tgat should be frowned at 

on this platform because it is mis-leading,imagine you trying to check questions under the tag “cryptocurrency” and you start seeing questions like “

when will you get married”,please how is that question related to cryptocurrency??why is such person using the tag “cryptocurrency” to describe 

the question that has nothing to do with cryptocurrency...i think there should be a penalty for those that are fond of abusing use of tags just 

because they want more visibility for their contents,i believe a person can still get visibility on their contents without using the wrong tags intentionally...

This will be answered Biblically according to my believe as a Christian.

God created man with no suffering in the beginning. That was when he kept Adam and Eve in the garden. So there was a world of no suffering in the genesis of creation.

Gen 2 :7-8 Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

8 Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed.

During this time, there was no suffering, Adam as the first man lived a stress free life till Eve was taken from his Ribs. The serpent entered and made them to sin and God sent them out of the garden. Ever since then man has been struggling till date.

Why I took us into the beginning was to let us know the genesis of our problems which is the devil that deceived Adam and Eve. Did you know that Cain killed Abel? Those were Adam and Eves children. Evil has been occurring right after the garden was lost as a result of their sin against God.

This fact shows that God is not the creator of evil and suffering though he knows about it. Nothing will happen without him being aware.

Let's look at the case of Job in the bible. Job was a rich man and a believer but the devil never believed he was. Read Gen 1 : 9-12 below, Satan talking to God.

9 Satan replied, “Would Job worship you if he got nothing out of it?

10 You have always protected him and his family and everything he owns. You bless everything he does, and you have given him enough cattle to fill the whole country.

11 But now suppose you take away everything he has, he will curse you to your face!”

12 “All right,” the Lord said to Satan, “everything he has is in your power, but you must not hurt Job himself.” So Satan left.

If you read further you will discover that Job became poor. I mean very poor and sick. He lost all his children and properties and he was left with nothing.

Now the question is where was God when all these happened to him? Surely he was sitting in his throne watching the film.

When Jobs friend saw how he was suffering they said "why will your God allow you to suffer like this".

They didn't know the reason behind his suffering but God knows

That is how we see things from our own perspective but God sees it differently. When we see our friends going through a hard time or we see bad things happen to innocent people we begin to question our mind. The largest part is not revealed to us. only God knows why.

Abel offered the best burnt offering to God but

Cain succeeded in killing him why?

John the Baptist was a disciple of Jesus preaching the gospel and doing miracles but he was beheaded at last. Why did God allow it?

Stephen was stoned to death but God could have saved him,why didn't he?

The ways of the lord is not the way of man.

Jesus Christ said it himself in John 16:33 he said, "You will have suffering in this world." He didn't say you might,he said it is going to happen.

God has a way he uses our situations to accomplish his purpose for our lives.


Surely its as a result of our sins that evil befall us but why God allow it is understood only by him. I believe the day is coming when suffering will cease and God will judge evil. The day is coming when people will be held accountable for the evil they've committed.

God knows best.

I hope this helps.

That is the most interesting question isn't it.

I think some people believe that everything happens for a reason, or is part of someone's plan, and so that's how they cope with tragedy. Although I often wonder if that thought process is potentially more harmful.... I think if it helps people see the silver lining out of every terrible situation then it's probably good.  If it means they question their faith, that's probably a good idea too.  I do believe everything should be questioned.  If there is a good answer, then it doesn't hurt to ask the questions... and if there is no good answer then it stops you from blindly believe something that might cause you harm.

I personally think it would be easier for people to cope with, if they realized that sometimes bad things happen... just like sometimes good things happen... and sometimes a really bad thing (like a car crash) nearly happens but you get out of it luckily.  Things just happen.  The best rational then is to try and be as prepared as possible... and accept the things that you have no control over.  If a bad thing happens and it teaches you a valuable lesson, then it wasn't for nothing.

excellent your answer i share your point of view we simply take god out of the equation.

Which god? 

What programming languages should I learn to develop apps on the Steem Blockchain?

I'm thinking React and Javascript... but there is so much to both, it seems pretty daunting to learn from scratch. Would python be better? Or Ruby on Rails to link in with React and Javascript?

I know React is a javascript platform/library, but there seems to be different code (ASX).

Because of its design, a blockchain is deterministic. This means that if you want to take the entire history of the blocks and replace it locally, you must end up with the same state as all the other nodes. This prohibits calls to external APIs, where the answers may change over time, or according to the caller.

Block chains are walled gardens. You can execute a contract from the outside world, but a contract by itself cannot require information from a source outside the block chain. If a smart contract needs external information, someone should put it on the blockchain first. There are efforts to facilitate this work through a concept called Oracles. But Oracles needs a system of reputation and governance. So much for fully automated contracts and disintermediation.

In the real world, very few applications work in isolation. All the applications we've built in the last 3 years rely on external APIs - for identity management, payments, live data sources, image processing, storage, etc. The limited capabilities of smart contracts make them useless in real-world situations.

To start a career the most used languages are in Solidity which has been as javascript and the development of new blockchains in C++, Rust and Golang for the management and creation of intelligent contracts.

The miners are incentivized to mine coins because this way they get keep the coins. It is also important to keep that mining fees is paid whenever a transaction is made on the blockchain. 

Whenever a user sends or receive coins they pay a small transaction fees. The thing is that when miners solve a block they verify these transactions and thus get to keep that fee. So the logic is that more fees that you pay for the transaction the miners would be further incentived to include that block in the transaction. 

So a higher fees usually also has a better chance of getting your transaction cleared sooner.

The basic math is something like this:

Total block Reward = 12.5 BTC + (fee from all the transactions included in the block) 

Note: As the block rewards halfen every four years, the block rewards would get smaller and smaller. In the future the miners main incentive to mine would come from the mining fees.

Bitcoin works like a peer to peer network, where everyone in the world is connected by an internet network. Bitcoin is obtained as a reward / reward / reward in the process of solving mathematical problems created and solved by computers on the blockchain network. The process of solving these problems is called mining.

The value of the bitcoin that is on the blockchain is of limited value, but it cannot be used up because the reward can be in the form of a fraction, such as 0.0001 BTC or smaller.

As time goes by, of course the value of Bitcoin obtained will get smaller because of the many problems that have been solved on a blockchain, and the level of difficulty of the problems will increase, so that more sophisticated hardware hardware is needed to solve the problems there is.

Bitcoin is like a normal currency, but it is stored on hardware such as hard disks, and other storage media, it is encrypted and it is very difficult to crack code to break down its security.

If likened to money has stored in the wallet, then bitcoin can also be placed on online wallets that are scattered on the internet, for example coinbase.

Who actually pays for mining done?


What pays for mining is money that is invested in the bitcoin network itself. At first people started buying bitcoins that were of no value with the original currency, over time and more and more people who believed in crypto currencies the value went up, this was the basic concept.

For comparison, if you have played online games like Ragnarok Online, there are market activities using Zeny currency, which are used to buy items in the game world, but there are times when the Zeny currency is traded in the real world as well as by fellow gamers, this actually the same as the concept of bitcoin itself. There is a value agreed upon by the buyer and seller to convert it into the original currency.

Miners are very important because they provide an awesome service in terms of so many factors which includes bitcoin network security which makes bitcoin safe from attacks....

miners do need a reward/incentive which they will use to pay for the cost of hardware and electricity which they use for the mining....there is a hardware called ASIC which is a mining hardeare that makes bitcoin become secured through what is called “proof of work”,

miners are usually paid with transactions feees and also bitcoin’s block reward,recently i noticed that bitcoin block rewards are usually large and it is one of the major factor that provides earnings to miners,

previously block rewards are usually around fifty bitcoins per block but currently it is 12.5 bitcoins per block.......

Transaction fees

another fact many people need to understand is that the moment most bitcoins have already been mined,

it means that the block reward would no longer be the major source of earnings for the miners,that is where mining fees will now become more effective,mining fees are the feees which will be paid by users who transact on the network and the mining fee will be the major factor that produces good income for the miner....

mining fees are a kind of fees that a user will pay each time he or she makes a transaction on the network

we also need to note that the fees is an incentive to miners in other for them to include transactions on a block and a transaction is confirmed the moment it is included in a block....

and that is why transactions with higher fees tend to get faster confirmation because of course miners would want to maximize their income so there is higher priority on transactions with higher fees paid....

One of the factors of an earthquake that can trigger a tsunami is the strength of the earthquake, earthquakes that have a power below 7 Magnitude will usually not trigger a tsunami. However, sometimes an earthquake of about 6 magnitude can also cause a local tsunami.

Earthquakes Can cause a tsunami if seismic activity causes the soil along the direction of the fault fault line to move up and down.

When the subsoil on the seabed also moves vertically, whether it's up or down, water will move and produce energy which then comes out in the form of large waves or tsunamis. As for earthquakes that only make the ground surface move horizontally, most likely will not cause a tsunami.

High From the tsunami waves that occur due to the earthquake are affected by the vertical movement of the seabed.

When there is movement in the ocean, tsunami waves can move up to 804 to 965 kilometers per hour, as fast as a jet, "But it will slow down when it reaches the surface." One of the things that will not affect the tsunami is the weather. Because, the weather does not provide enough energy to move the sea level.

To estimate whether an earthquake can cause a tsunami and how large, researchers use a viewing sensor for sea pressure and use a tide gauge.

what they unleash are large waves approaching the populated areas of the planet these tsunamis are caused by tornadoes that are generated in the ocean moving them for many kilometers and being devastating in their path

Here are some choices:

1. Let me in

The film Let me In is a remake of the Let the Right One In film which was released in 2008. This film tells the story of Owen who is often executed by his friends. Besides that, Owen was also a child who could not get along well with his friends. Until the end Owen met Abby, a child who was no less strange. Owen's friendship and Abby opened a new veil. Owen found unexpected stories that made him unaware of who Abby really was.

2. Evil Dead

In 1981, a horror film titled The Evil Dead managed to stomp the film fans. Actor Bruce Campbell, who plays Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams, is a unique figure because it was able to get rid of the supernatural beings who met him.

However, in 2013, this horror film was remake with the same title. become iconic with his saw hand

and his skills killed the ghosts in front of him. But in 2013, the story of Evil Dead was told back to the big screen.

Still have the same plot, but in this second film there is no longer a major figure like Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams. This film tells a group of teenagers who are on vacation to a cabin in the middle of the forest. When staying, a group of teenagers met various kinds of ghosts.

3. The Ring

The film was later remade in 2002 under the title The Ring. No less than the Japanese version, the Hollywood version of the film is still terrible, even though it has been changed in Hollywood horror style.

4. We Are What We Are

First released in 2010, a film titled We Are What We Are tells the story of a person named Alfredo (Francisco Barreiro) who is a family leader who is closed about his family. Until finally when the local government opened a secret veil about the closed Alfredo family.

In 2013, the film was made in Hollywood. This time the character was no longer named Alfredo, but Frank Parker. Meanwhile, the storyline is still the same.

5. The Crazies

First released in 1973, The Crazies was one of those horrible horror films. This film tells the local sheriff named David Dutten who experienced problems when the population in the city of Iowa contaminated with a virus.

This virus turns many people into growers. David must try to find solutions to problems in the midst of a conflict that suddenly ambushes him. The touch of this horror film in 1973 was also quite terrible.

i believe the best way to buy books, is to buy by needs.

what problem does the book intend to solve for you or what knowledge are you seeking to acquire at that specific time in your life. if you buy by needs, you will sure have the motivation to read and digest the book's content because every word is a piece of the solution you are looking for.

However for those that are buying because they just love reading, their favorite genre should be used as the buying criteria.

Personally I go for genre, then weather I've heard good things about it, then maybe read the blurb on the back. And if I still cant decide then which has better art work hahah. There are a number of criteria that you look for when buying a book, the main one though is if the story interests you!

Ok, so I have a very specific criteria to choose Books to read. I usually don't read much except when I am travelling long Distances. 

I First check the Name of the Book and it's author. The Title is a key factor for me, then I go in and have a brief look inside the Book and look for specific characters. The more the uncommon names I find the more I am interested in it. Lastly there is the price tag. Hehe Price is also important my Friend.


Most likely, my life is full of stress. I don't like my job and boss. Or maybe I have a problem in my personal life and I'm worried about my future.

This makes me wake up too early and can't sleep anymore. I have to do something to improve my sleep. If I have a problem at work, change it. If my problem is related to personal problems, talk to the closest person or psychiatrist.

I worry about timeliness and fear of being late, even just by imagining the entire schedule that I have to do. Almost every day I am sleepy and drink coffee all the time. Try asking myself, when did I last wake up and live my life with enthusiasm.

I am a very disciplined person. Even if I work late, I will start early in the morning to have the opportunity to do things that I like like exercising, reading, or meeting friends.

Highly organized people usually wake up at this time. No matter how much time I need to start a business, I wake up early to do things that need to be prepared for my busy day.

I belong to a group of principals: I work from 9 am to 6 pm Life I am quite boring and monotonous because I do it just so I can still have income. It's very possible that I don't pay too much attention to my social and personal life.

I have 40 hours of work a week but I am classified as unorganized. Before you really wake up to work, you have to sleep several times. I often complain because I'm tired of my work and often dream of vacationing.

The main purpose of money is to have some kind of measurable unit that a society will accept as having value, and which will be used to conduct transactions and exchanges (e.g. paying for goods and services).  Today, most societies use physical and electronic fiat cash and currency as money, meaning that the money itself in a vacuum has no practical use or utility for humans, but it is used because either a government has backed it, or people have agreed on the value of said money.  In the past, metals such as gold and silver were more commonly used as money.

The main reason money is needed is that it provides the convenience of not having to conduct all transactions or exchanges via barter, where different people will place different valuations on different items in accordance to how they perceive their utility of those items.  The larger the society, the more quickly barter can become a problem.  Barter is considered to be inefficient in an economy, and so money is the answer to help make that economy more efficient by providing a unit of value that everything else can be measured against.

What makes money a contentious issue though, is the fact that in many countries/societies there is a large concentration of money and wealth in the hands of a small proportion of the people.  This phenomenon takes on many names, including income inequality and the wealth gap.  In addition to the social unrest that can be caused when a massive wealth gap exists in a country (which makes the rounds on the news a lot in these days and times), such inequality is believed to also hinder the economic growth of said country.

So as you can see, money is essentially an "evil necessity"; it can be a contentious issue that causes a lot of debate and unrest, but at the same time, society needs money in order for the economy to run efficiently.

Money is a means of exchange which someone can use to acquire the basic things of life,money is a necessity

that all humans need for them to take care of their

needs,money is a very good and useful tools for

creating wealth and wealth enables to enjoy the good

things of life in terms of materialistic factors,money is a double edge sword,as good as money is it is also one of the major cause of problem in the world,infact many

crimes are committed because of money or anything that money can buy,,there are many people that have

killed themselves because they do not have money,there are friends that have killed each other

because of money,desperation to acquire wealth has made many people to become criminals...e.g armed

robbers,burglars,,kidnappers is good no doubt but it also has some negative factors attached to

it and “money” will always be a resource that people will keep working for and living their lives around is a necessity that we cannot do without...

Money is necessary and it is a useful thing that someone needs to be able to take care of their needs,money is very important in the life of humans because you need to money to achieve many things in life,and that is why everyone wishes to have a very good source of income that will give them money so that they become wealthy and be able to meet their needs anytime anyday...

Because with the money we can easily buy something, money as a medium of exchange, as a calculation indicator.

Do not be surprised if in that family, a little couple can get complicated because of money. Based on a survey from found the fact that the cause of many quarrels in families in couples aged 35-54 years is a matter of money.

Another fact that was discovered was that financial problems far exceeded the quarrel due to the hype of division of tasks at home, quarrels due to other family members, children, sex, and ex-lovers.

Financial fuss in the family usually boils down to the lack of money, extravagance and the inadequacy of family financial arrangements. The wife who was a little complaining and satirical because of the tight monthly money, the husband made even more annoyance because of the complaint. Not to mention, the husband found an addictive person.

The quarrel that originated from the issue of money, the origin is none other than the management of unwise family finances. Family budgets are not made in such a way that they are not realistic. In fact, designing a realistic family budget is important. Even though it must be realistic, don't forget that the real name is not too little so it seems economical and ends up being tortured because you can't enjoy life.

Another argument arises because one partner underestimates debt. The debt must be repaid. The habit of debt that is not paid on time has the potential to create new problems.

The habits of families who do not have the habit of saving and investing tend to have problems with finance. A fight can explode when things happen unexpectedly, but do not have emergency funds.

Well, to be smarter in managing finances, it's better to use modern fintech as his personal assistant. Modern platforms like IPOTPAY are more equipped with smart calendar features, complete with schedule payments, able to arrange payment schedules, purchases, and fund transfers periodically.

Combustion can be minimized, when either husband and wife have good management and financial management skills. Whatever the root of the fight, be sure everything can be overcome.

How can you solve smart phone addiction problem?

Smart phone addiction and its resolution

Smartphone addiction is a problem to many. While many users may be addicted due to smartphones being their source of income probably with some online business or so. Many are just addicted maybe to the chats, games and so on.

In solving the issue of smartphone addiction, it is imperative that the user should accept that he/she is addicted to smartphone. Many can't do without their phone a day. It is like you have taken a huge part of them away.

There are certain applications that can be installed that will give the total amount of time and data spent on each application. This will naturally make the user feel somehow that lots of hours that would have been productive is being spent on smartphones.

Most of these smartphone addictions are basically addiction to social media apps. **Delete** them. Deleting the social media applications means you spend little time with your phone l. It also has an advantage because you can now appreciate offline friendship more rather than virtual friendship that takes valuable time.

What is the world without the internet. What is a smartphone without the internet. No internet no addiction. Disconnect your internet from the smartphone and you curb smartphone addiction

It will be great if there is someone who will constantly remind you that you are too engaged on your smartphone all the time. Ideally the person should be with you most of the time (e.g. your spouse, close friends or family).

Next, make some rules for yourself to follow. For example, no using phones during meals and after 10pm. Have some self imposed punishments whenever you violate those rules.

Finally, it will be nice to also have a distraction. For example, reading books or working out. During these times, chuck your phone aside and focus on the other activities.

Ultimately, getting rid of an "addiction" always requires self discipline. And it will be impossible without self discipline and the conviction to break the addiction.

P.s. this answer is posted from a smartphone. Lol..

1. Remove Less Important Applications

Sometimes the use of social media applications will only add a sense of dependence and addiction to smartphones without the slightest benefit. Removing a social media application is a good thing, besides you will not be addicted to a smartphone, you can also make your cellphone capacity more spacious.

2. Limits on the Use of Smartphones with Applications

If you find it difficult to escape from your cellphone, try to download an application that will help you control smartphone usage. Locking applications like AppDetox and Rescue Time can help you to stop using your cellphone. Then, you can set the time for using the cellphone. So, if you violate your own rules, the application will give you notifications continuously to give rest time on the cellphone.

3. Turn off Notifications

This one is clearly effective. With you turning off notifications or turning your smartphone into Airplane Mode, it will make you reduce consumption of cellphones. Although for people who are quite dependent, turning off notifications will not help much. At the very least, you will not check your cellphone every time there is a clink of a notification ringing.

4. Leave Mobile

Start trying to leave your mobile in a different place with you. For example, try not to carry your cellphone into the bedroom while going to sleep. To be more extreme, maybe one day you will start trying to leave your cellphone at home without any anxiety.

5. Change the Minimalist Cellphone

If Communication is indeed a very important thing and makes it difficult for you to leave your cellphone, you can buy a minimalist cellphone in terms of features. With this cellphone, your choice to do activities with cellphones is very limited and will certainly help you feel lazy holding a cellphone.

Smart phone addiction is a major problem nowadays because a children nowadays are using smart phone for gaming purpose at a small age. Youngsters are using smart phone for their work purpose and more internet activity and also elders are using smart phone for listening devotional song and videos.

There are various ways we can solve the problem of mobile phone addiction.

1) we can reduce the use of a smart phone by playing outdoor games.

2) we should put limit on a usage of smart phone.

3) we can decrease the use of mobile phone by stopping the games.

4) we should power the mobile battery once after then we can be free from the usage of smart phone.

Several years ago while i was very young,i went for a job interview and during the course of interview i told the

interviewer exactly in these words “what if i am willing to

work for you for free”??the interviewer had an expression on his face which showed he was shocked to hear

that,the question which i asked him sounded weird to him and it led to a conversation that lased for a long

time because he started to see me as an interesting and weird job seeker,,after a long conversation he gave

me the job and even offered me a high salary than what i was expecting,,according to my observation based on

what he said i think the major reason he gave me the job and was even paid high salary was because he felt i

was so determined to succeed and gain experience from the job,and as a young man i sounded like

someone who cares more about the passion he has for a job and not the salary....

I just graduated recently and I was oppotuned to be called for an interview by a petroleum industry in my country. After asking series of questions ,I extracted my question from theirs.

"Now that we’ve talked about my qualifications and the job, do you have any concerns about my being successful in this position"

This question caught them unaware. I was surprised at their countenance and the response I got from the first interviewer wasn't okay. I pointed out the flimsy response and the manager came in with a question from my question.

"For you have any plan to make this company achieve more in the department you are applying for?

Thank God i already prepared myself well before attending the interview. I answerd yes. From my research, I discovered that workers in this department I m applying for close at the exact time stipulated By the company,and since there is a rule that says overtime is welcome, I will use this opportunity to address the lapses present at the moment. I will find a way to encourage the workers to spend more time and i believe this will highly increase the productivity.

The manager responded and I reminded them of my question.

He now said there us reward for every outstanding ideas. Promotions is also reserved for best workers and series of motivations too.

I just have to summerise the conversation but it took us a long time as they wanted to find my fault and use my question to make fall.

Still waiting for their call as promised. Its a week now from interview.

What factors influence human behavior?

Behavior is a way of acting that shows a person's behavior and is the result of a combination of anatomical, physiological and psychological development.

The most common factors that influence one's behaviour are:

  • The Environment he was raised in 

A good example for this would be one who was spoiled by his/her parents while growing up. Giving in to ALL his/her wants. A child raised this way will likely end up being too "self-centered" as he is used to all the attention. Compare that to one who comes from a poor family and has to struggle in an early age just to survive. That child will likely end up as a "hardworking" adult as it is now imprinted in his thoughts that one needs to work very hard in order to survive in this cruel world.

  • The Personality of the people raising him/her 

One factor that needs to be considered is the personality of the people raising the child (mostly the parents). An abusive parent or a suicidal one will likely have a huge impact on the behaviour of the child in the future. He/She is most likely be traumatized and might even copy the behaviour of the people raising him/her. Violence breeds Violence.

  • The Imposed Values he was raised in

What you teach a child at an early age will be his/her basis for what is right or good. If you impose on a child that "stealing", "cheating" or "lying" is wrong. Then at an early age, he will try his very best not to do those things. The lesson one learned as a child is likely what he will live for in the future.

You might be wondering why I am focusing mostly on how a child is raised during early childhood. This is mostly because at this age is where a child's personality will likely form. It is at this time that he starts to differentiate right from wrong and will mostly try to adapt base on this common factors.

Affecting human behavior can be grouped into two broad categories, namely personal factors and situational factors.

- Personal Factors Affecting Human Behavior.

Personal factors are often influenced by sociogical motives, or often also called secondary motives as opposed to primary motives (biological motives).

1. Motivation to know

That is the tendency of everyone to try to understand and get the meaning of their world. Humans need a frame of reference (frame of reference) to evaluate new situations.

2. The motive of the competition

Everyone wants to prove that he is able to overcome any life problem. Feelings are able to depend heavily on intellectual, social, and emotional development.

3. Love Motif

Various studies have shown that the need for love that is not fulfilled will lead to unfavorable human behavior.

4. Motives Self-esteem and the need to seek identity

Closely related to the need to show ability and gain love, is the need to show existence in the world.

5. The need for value, servitude, and the meaning of life

In dealing with life, humans need values to guide them in making decisions or giving meaning to their lives.

Motivation A person will also determine whether a message is received or not. This also means that motivation to seek entertainment, for example, will be a pretext for enjoying mass media.

- Situational Factors Affecting Human Behavior

Whereas situational factors that affect humans are influenced by several factors, namely.

1. Ecological factors

Environmental determinists often say that natural conditions influence lifestyle and behavior.

2. Temporal Factor

One communication message delivered in the morning will be different in meaning if delivered at midnight.

3. Behavior Settings

In every atmosphere there are patterns of relationships that regulate the behavior of the people inside.

4. Technology

The Technology Revolution is often followed by a revolution in social behavior. In communication science, shows that the form of communication technology is more important than the content of communication media.

I think I will only give A factor that affect human's behavior

The Place where you was raised

This includes the persons that surrounds us, the behaviors we are witnessing, the things we own and the things we don't have

This mainly affect our behaviors, the persons that surrounds us and their behaviors was the biggest contributor of our behaviors.

If all those persons that surrounds us we probably could get their actions

Well I do mean the way for their actions, their way of thinking, their way of making decisions and many more in their behaviors. If the people surrounds us was full of liars, we probably would end up a liar as well.

Also the things we own and not was also a factor, given that we already end up being a greedy person (greedy persons surrounds us) We probably would not be satisfied on the things that we have. We probably would end up behaving and committing evil intentions.

Well not all of  the persons end up in this situation but I can roughly say (base on the people that I know) that there are 80% of the people that I know fall under this factor

these are the lists of factors which i think really affects human behaviour


2....Social norms


4....Core faith and culture


How do you predict the bankruptcy of a company?

Bankruptcy is an inability stated legally by an individual or organization to pay their creditors.


Print out the names of the companies onto little strips of paper. Get a monkey to do a lucky dip

I will make it short and simple,it can easily predict the bankruptcy of a company by analyzing their financial statements,,through their

financial statements someone would have the ability to measure the financial performance of the company

and know whether they are at profit or loss,,when they

are at loss and they still keep spending more than they earn then it means such companies will soon become

bankrupt and that is a sign that someone should not go near such company...

Predicting if a company is going to go bankrupt is a task that can be fulfiled by making basic analysis of the

company itself through the accounting details of the company,

for example,,if a company has alot of assets and liabilities but the liabilities are more than the assets which they have then that is a sign that the company is on a journey of becoming bankrupt,,,

another way to know if a company might soon become bankrupt is by knowing if the company is owing debts

which is more than a large perfentage of their yearly turnover ,increase debts negatively affects a company and can make such company to suffer bankruptcy....

so the bottomline is that a company that is spending more income than what they earn will definitely go

bankrupt someday because that action they are taking

is not sustainable...

Yes. You can monitor the websites visited by users connected to your WiFi. You can create an OpenDNS account and then change the router server to that of the OpenDNS. This way you can know the websites visited.

Routers like Netgear also have options to view the logs and see each websites visited.

You should know that this is illegal in some countries because it means you are intruding into the person privacy.

Please check and make sure it complies with your local laws before taking any steps.

Depending on your router, yes there are ways to track this information but unless you are inside a corporate environment where you are allowed to track your employees to keep then focused on work, doing this in public spaces is illegal in pretty much every country and could lead you to go to jail, so unless you are willing to take the risk, its not really worth it.

Dang! And I there I was happily watching prawn on my office computer!🙀

It's not actually the latest version of Wordpress that you need...  you need to install the latest plugin of Steempress (  Here is the Steemit account of the guys who developed the plug in (

Once you've installed the plugin, you'll need to give it your private posting key so that it will post to your Steem account. From all accounts this seems to be pretty secure.  After that you can set it to when you want to post to the Steem blockchain.  It can be in the same instant, or 7 days later after the post payout, or any time in between.

I would caution you though... since ranks fairly highly with Google (as per the Alexa rankings) then Steemit will steal all the link juice from your blog.  What I mean by this is that if someone Googles a phrase or some keywords that your blog has written about, then the Steemit post will rank higher in that Google search than your blog will.  For me that's kind of a deal breaker... 

I should also warn you that the Steempress plugin takes 20% of your post rewards as a beneficiary... however, once they whitelist you they'll also upvote you, pretty much to the same amount they take (but then they get the curation rewards).  I have no problem with this personally, but I thought you should know.

Thank you . I got it fixed. Just found ouy I checked some of the category boxes in Wordpress which caused the error.

Since Steempress is working for me, I highly suspect you might have done something wrong without noticing anything.

  1. Check if your Connectivity to the Steem Server shows OK
  2. Check if you might have checked some boxes on categories that Steempress will ignore that will prevent Steempress to publish the content on Steem.


3. Check if you might have set the Delay option too long. Bear in mind that this are all in minutes not seconds. So a 300 value would be the same as publishing it after 5 hours.

If all else fails, try asking for help in their Discord Server:

Thanks a lot. I didn't know about 2~checking category box. Got it fixed now.