The way I used curie all of last year and so far this year is to produce content that I feel meets their criteria, and then wait for something to happen. So far, it's resulted in an average of one curie a month for the last fifteen months or so.

Alternatively, there is a way to self-promote on their discord, which can be accessed by following this link: You might want to ask for some more information once you're in.

The latest curie guidelines can be found under announcements on their discord server, but I will place them below for the benefit of anyone who wishes to know:

Guidelines - June 3

  1. Verified and engaged authors only who have been consistent without much success of late. Focus is on new authors who have made few good posts, but haven't been discovered yet. Posts from the high REP authors have to be exceptional.
  1. Posts must be more than 30 minutes old, but less than 72 hours old, with maximum $2 pending payout.
  1. Only original content. Articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, etc. that appear first on Steemit. (I.e. no reposts of older work) Please check for plagiarism and reposting before submitting. Content must be exceptional and unique.
  1. No Steemit-related, religious or political posts.
  1. Submission limits are dictated by curator's performance the previous week, according to these tiers (the numbers below are weekly limits) - AR =>85% and one curator with highest CS - Unlimited submissions [Curator with unlimited submissions will be required to maintain at least a 70% approval rate at all times, mid-week.] In case of a tie, curator who had higher CS previous week will be in the top. CS =>2.5 but not the top curator - 15 submissions CS <2.5 and new curators - 5 submissions All curators are required to maintain 65% AR at the end of each calendar month with 6 or more submissions. Curators with more than 5 submissions have to maintain 55% AR (this will be checked starting mid-month). Otherwise they may be restricted from proposing immediately. Each month resets on the last day of the month, 1500 UTC. Curators who had 15 submissions will keep the same limit if they maintain 100% AR with 2 or less submissions. Direct curators and direct curator contenders may ask for a daily limit exemption. Cumulative CS >250, AR >95 over 6 months earns a direct follow from @curie.
  1. English posts only. Finder's fee is 10 Steem per approved post.

The above was written for curie curators in mind, but the information regarding what curie is looking for can be gleaned from the first four paragraphs, and then number six.

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