For me, it boils down to what does the hard fork accomplish? And how much does it want to do at one time.

I've only been here just under a year and a half. In that time, there's only been one hard fork, HF 20. It had been talked about for quite some time, but it took well over a year (maybe even closer to a year and a half) for it to come out. That means there were 19 hard forks previously that took place in the first year or so.

So, to my understanding, they've actually slowed down.

The current talk of HF 21 was fine when it was just the STEEM proposal system, or worker system (the one blocktrades primarily promoted and designed). But, since it appears based on the activity on Github that more changes, called the economic improvement proposal, will be happening, I'm not so okay with it.

The last hard fork resulted in most of us being locked out from STEEM for quite a few days, then many of us still not functioning much due to resource credit levels. Again some changes were made, so more of us could function, but there still are many newer users who can't do much as is.

It makes me wonder what's going to break this time. It makes me wonder who many more people are going to be affected by it this go around. I'm hoping against hope, really, that it will actually be an improvement, rather than a way to divert more resources to those who already control them most.

Even that would be fine if they could sell it like that and people were okay with it. What I don't like is the near evangelizing of how everything will be so much better, when we'll be fortunate if things don't get markedly worse.

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