Music Wayback Challenge. Day 1

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I was nominated by the lovely @nikolina to do the Music Wayback Challenge. You can find @nikolina 's challenge here

I'm basing my songs on my college years of 88 to 91 so it should be a blast from the past or a little glance at some older stuff for you younger ones.

New Order and the 1990 England World Cup Squad (1990)

This track was from 1990 and was the official song for England Football teams campaign at Italia 90 World Cup. I remember playing this on a loop over and over, especially during the day of the games. Football has always been my passion and I had been totally devoured by it during the WC. I was even tempted to go to Italy and support England. England made it all the was to the semi-final and lost on penalties to the Germans.

In a lot of ways this song is appropriate because England have just made the semi-final of Russia 2018 and the country has gone football crazy. Everyone is playing ‘It’s Coming Home’ by Badiel and Skinner and the Lightning Seeds.

Rules of the challenge:

  • Choose one song from your high-school/college years.
  • Write a few words about who made you listen to this song for the first time, what this song means to you (was it a breakup song? you blasted it at 100% on your audio system when you were partying with your friends?) whatever you want.
  • Write your text while listening to the song. As soon as the song ends, wrap up what you were writing and submit it.
  • Do this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated
  • Mention one person who should do this on each day.
  • Tag it with #musicwaybackchallenge and include these rules at the bottom of your post

I'm going to nominate @britishbeef who is a mate of mine that has just joined steemit. Good luck Beefy!

Please leave your comments on the music track and If you like the challenge and would love to join in on the fun then leave a comment underneath and I will nominate you.

Enjoy the song.


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I can't say I've heard this one before. Does sound what I listened to in high school.

Yeah. It's a classic sounding uk pop song of the time. Made special by the football connection. John Barnes was the guy doing the rap and he's still asked to do it now! 😁

It's the first time I hear this song but I like this old school pop. :D

I'm loving that you like it. Working on my next one now. 😁