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Claire is a song about a real person, a lovely girl I met from Aix en Provence when I lived in Brixton in a squat there many years ago. I eventually went to France to be told that I was only a friend, and not to consider her as a girlfriend, which upset me a little bit, so I went out with her sister instead...! Any how, the song came from tinkering around on the guitar on the C chord and experimenting with finger all kind of just fell into place. I wrote about Claire in the lyrics and added some French words at the end, as a reminder of a really happy time in France......I met some great people there.

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Claire Lyrics

Well I saw Claire today,
She wears her cloths in a very French way,
Well you know she makes me laugh,
Coz she looks just like a Hamilton photograph.
As the wind takes her hair, the sun makes her smile,
Such a belle, I saw Claire today.

Qu'elle est belle, J'ai vu Claire tu sais.
Qu'elle est belle, J'ai vu Claire tu sais.

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