Taste Nate - Dreadlock Boi (prod. by Lord Lorenz)

in musicvideo •  9 months ago

Directed by The I.M.F.
Edited by Taste Nate
Produced by Lord Lorenz

brown paper bags with the grease stain on it
brown cigar leaves with the good laid on it
cold white tees with the kush stank on it
blue olsmobiles with the push up on it

Navigate the bridge with the shipment on him
Medicated trade with no witness on him
staying on the level cause no mischief on him
No diamonds on his chain but the gate stay golden
Materialize his piece with the theif e go in
Flippin sign posts whichever way he go in
Isolation self from how deep in he go in
Bring it all together cause there's no opponent

Forgive you for your vibes
how he seize the moment
Use ability he only sees the moment
Love across his galaxy
inner Seas of motion
Speak under his breath
His only speech shalom in

Another open book
which way you want in
Spirit guided wisdom
the truth is showing
Activate the chains
From the deep unconscious
Patronize the planes
with the mystic knowledge

Step into the piece till the sleep is woken
Get in to rift
to increase the focus
Elevate the current till the beast is broken
If he feed too many needs then the shadow surface

Dreadlock boi with the flowers on him
Carmalized skin with medallions on him
Minimalist till he travel formless
Galvanized gold with the California

No attachment to the weight he holding
No heads trips that is mental progress
More love than any words can Chronic
Dreadlock boi smell the flowers on him

smell the flowers on him
smell the flowers on him
smell the flowers on him
smell the flowers on him

Skin deep In the silent space
Lay the LAMB with many faces
Wouldn't turn down any seeker
He no sage he like a raven

Prospectors they poke fun at he
From the way he prays and praises
But they wishing for the freedom
That he shares with all his patrons

He met this little lion girl
and they shared the bowl of sacred
She said I'll leave my flower scent
So when I'm gone you can taste my fragrance

Now his grace don't run away
his grace don't turn away
his faith don't run away
his face don't turn away
they stay...

Taste Nate "The Man That Talks With Flowers"



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