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The video for Paradise Lost 'Fall From Grace' which I directed/produced/shot/edited has clocked over 335,000 views in 3 weeks!

PL Views ashtv.png

Check out the video on YouTube below

I'm not usually particularly interested in numbers, nor do I care to particularly shout about them publically (!) but I thought this was cool that it was getting such attention.
Perhaps it's the Covid-19 lockdown effect, or maybe fans are just hungry for the music?

The band have a huge dedicated following of fans generally, so it was great to see numbers like this. It makes me feel satisfied that my work is actually being seen.
Way too many time have I slaved over a video for it max out a 2000 views..

Feedback from fans on this video however has been much much more positive than the last video I made for the band, which came under fire upon release from some comment warriors. But this one seems to have struck a chord with most people.

Anyway, there might be another video in the works too, so keep those peepers peeled


Great Video Ash- I was enthralled to follow the storyline and to find out what happened next....very atmospheric and some super camera work!

Thanks for the comment @cryptocurator!