Day 26 - Musical Interlude

in #musicinterlude012 years ago (edited)

Hello Steemians,

Mariah Carey is always my favorite singer, she is not only cute and beautiful, she also has great voice and she can sing in a concert like a studio record.

Hero is also my favorite song, "Hero", its lyrics is meaningful especially "So when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong , and you'll finally see the truth ,that a hero lies in you" part.

I want you to watch his alive concert video which I have watched thousands times.

Please pay attention to the girls and guys on 1:40, 3:12, 3:35 on this video. They watch Mariah Carey like I do.

Believe This is an unforgettable duet of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

Of Course we can never skip "Without you" It is hard to believe that this performance is live and not playback

Emotions - I still cannot understand how she can do it.(3:28-3:46)

Best Wishes.

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