Is this guy the next Ed Sheeran?

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Is this guy the next Ed Sheeran?

Kristof post.pngHear for yourself below.

I was at my auntie's birthday party this summer and had the privilege to listen to this awesome, cool, young busker.

I love sharing talent and being happy for other people's passion and drive in what they love. Only 19, Kristof has been making his living from busking for more than a year. Having picked up the guitar only 2 years ago, this guy is a natural talent. He aims to travel Europe in the upcoming months - using his savings and busking in different countries to make a living. I find him super inspirational, due to his courage to go for what he loves.

Picture from Kristof's fan page

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Kristof is somewhat of a local celebrity in Budapest.

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Dedication and persistence are the key! It looks like he loves what he does = which typically equates to success :)).

Thanks for stopping by lovely. Yes, he does. It is great to see people pursuing their passions! :)

Yeah, I am impressed with him for sure. Wanted to share :)

He will go far. He should keep it up.. 🤞🤞🤞