Music For Steem- Please Release Me(cover)

in #musicforsteem22 days ago

Good afternoon, Steemians!

I have a song for you Please Release Me, This is a song that asks someone to let her go and leave fir she never loves her partner anymore. So sad but there are so many instances in our life when someone is fading up to their feelings. That is the matter of this song but it is just a song. Let us enjoy listening to music every day if we want it.

Here is my song;

Thank you music for steem for giving us chance to share our hobbies.

I would like to say thank you to all the #steemcurator01, #steemcurator02, #steemcurator06, #steemcurstor08, #steemitblog and #booming for supporting all good contents.

Steem On!


lisud sa situation aning kantaha nay.

Wahahaha ayaw tawon i relaease

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