Music for Dance - Drums and Didgeridoo- [Rollz Across the Floor 1]

in musicfordance •  3 months ago

Roger and ai sre at it again with some improv for rolling across the floor.




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Woohoo look at you and all your talents. I didn't realize you had even more musical skills.
So great to meet you at the Steem Creators Conference. The @Steembirds are an awesomely entertaining duo. Thanks for the energy , entertainment and laughs you brought each day. 😃


Haha, likewise mon. Ur clearly in a league of ur own as well ;)

And definitely, this week was pretty great putting real faces to aliases, getting to know everybody & hearing about all these incredible ideAs! Safe travels back :)

your songs always put me in a good mood. I've made some new ones myself. Will be uploading to Dsound soon. Hope to see ya soon!


Right on man, let me know :)

And also glad to hear ther 😎


got em up there

I've heard your music for the first time... they are very special sounds and I like it very much ... When I hear your music, I think about nature 🤩


Awesome! Thanks so much for the kind words :)


You're welcome @jaybird 🤗 I look forward to hearing more from you and reading!