Can it be more Minimal? Fascinating!

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Recently I was recommended by a fellow Steemian to listen to Pete Namlook. Sorry, could not find the comment anymore, and unfortunately do not remember the user :(

I heard of the name before, but I never listen to his work; Maybe unconsciously I did, but I can't remember :)

copyright: Pete Namlook

This evening I randomly clicked a couple of his albums on other Social Media...Click...Click...Click... And then I paused my finger... Drawn to what I heard but certainly also to what my eyes were detecting... The video of the recording is super minimal, and has this noise included like old roll video tapes played through an old cinema video system. The music: pretty minimal, ambient type, space-ish at times, certainly very inspiring, dark-ish and somewhat experimental. I do like what I hear!

Mister Namlook produced so many albums, I would like to get your help:

which albums are a must listen?

Artist: Air aka Pete Namlook
Album: Air
Year: 1993
Country: Germany

source youtube


1st Impression
Je Suis Triste Et Seul Ici
Spiritual Invocation
Mystical Appearance
Chaque Ligne De Ta Peau Fut Aimée
Lost In Passion

Artist Music


Artist Discography


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This is really nice. Have you heard of this?

Nope, never heard of them, but I do like what I hear when skipping through the album! Thanks :)

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Its full of 1 hr.

You are such a music lover.

Hope I would get enough time to listen them.

I need to check this out right now!

Let me know what you think of it!

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The use of vocals is so unique, I love the built-in preset sound it has, it's so honest amid this brilliant production. Definitely another artist I need to look into, thanks for sharing!