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Weekend: DONE

Relaxing: DONE



Leafar Legov (Rafael Vogel in real life) - part of Giegling clan - always helps me to get the good vibes. Not that I need some this morning: enjoyed a great weekend in southern Germany, catching up with family, full with relaxation, massive amounts of superb food, und so weiter und so weiter... And now also the Sun is out, again!

But still, Rafael is giving this extra vibe to start a heavy workweek, lots of meetings, lots of driving around the country (to get to those meetings), and hopefully, lots and lots of fun with the people around me.

And in between all of that, Rafael through the speakers, certainly today: Now, in half an hour, in a couple of hours, and maybe even in the evening... Well, maybe mixed with some other artists as well :)

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Artist: Leafar Legov
Set: Boiler Room Transylvania x Interval
Year: 2017
Country: Germany

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