Music challenge - 7 songs A round 4 - Remember me (From "Coco"/Official Video)

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[Source from Wiki]

Remember me is a theme song of a Disney Movie "Coco", it is full of Mexico music style and also south america music style. They mostly use the samba rhythm and guitar in the song!
This song is a Dúo preformance, that means two singer singing together!

"記住我"是迪士尼電影“可可”的主題曲,它充滿了墨西哥音樂風格和南美音樂風格。 他們大多在歌曲中使用桑巴節奏和吉他!

I believe that music has the power to touch people. Please support sharing your favorite songs and contribute a little to the mentally ill patients!


Here is the support link of fundition, come to join and support it !!/@kona/qhj7k2r76



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