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Recently I was advised by one of our community members and music writers @fourfourfun to listen to Nick Höppner. And so I did.

My Early Conclusion: This German guy from Berlin is pretty awesome from the Soundcloud recordings I listened to. His style is somewhere around house, but can go all sort of directions. When done good, something I really like :)

Fact is he is not standard, he knows what he does, he has good taste and skills, and foremost he explores the music spectrum in very interesting ways (for me at least).

When I researched a bit while listening to some of his recordings, I discovered Nick was former label manager of the high respected Ostgut label, from inception in 2005 till 2012. He is also resident at the Panoramabar in Berlin, maybe the most well known house floor in the world. On one hand I was not surprised, while on the other hand I was! I should have know his name and work already.

When I listen to the recording I share with you today, I can easily picture myself in the Panoramabar on a Sunday afternoon, with the sun beaming onto the dancefloor through the big windows; Now and then someone playing with the window shutters: closing and opening it. I wish it was already that time...

Artist: Nick Höppner
Set: NTS Radio Residency Show II
Year: 2017
Country: Germany







Resident Advisor



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Thank you for your recommendation! :)



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