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Babu guitar or guitar is a well-known and popular musical instrument. It is basically a musical instrument of 6 stars. Originally three types of guitars. Such as:

Spanish Guitar Hound Guitar Bass Guitar

There are also varieties in Spanish guitar such as classical, acoustic and electric.


These giters can be both acoustic and electric (electric). Basically the guitar is meant to be the Spanish guitar, in order to have frames and play through rhythm or lead.
The Hawaiian Gitre does not have a freak like a Spanish guitar and can not be played with rhythm. To play this gitara, it is necessary to play a steel-made sliding metal bar on the lap.
The base guitar is a type of electric guitar which has four specializations. The base gitrars are much thicker than other giters. Through this, the background of music is given in the background of a serious tune.

Modern rock and metal songs are basically established on Gitra.

Acoustic Guitar

Parts of the acoustic guitar are Body, Sound hole, Fret Board, Neck, Bridges and Headstock. Its cables are made of metal. Acoustic guitar sounds are created through the sound hole. The vibrations of the wire are echoed inside the gator's body and are expressed through the sound hole. There are some acoustic guitars that have pickups inside the body, which can be enhanced by the amplifier's sound.

Classical Guitar

It looks like an acoustic guitar, but the stars are mainly made of nylon.

Electric guitar

There is no sound hole in the lead guitar. Its melody is made by pickup. Emplifiers are essential for playing the lead guitar. Various changes can be made through the Processor.


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