Thank you <3 this ones a little different, hope you like it :)

I did like it, very much! <3 IMHO, this kind of posts are necessary, they bring out the "I'm a real person" vibe, so your readers and fans can connect with you and share stuff in another level. Also, I personally love music recommendations, they always seem to show up at the right time. I unconfessedly like a few songs of this genre, so I enjoyed reading about it while listening. Got me dancing a bit (depressedly dancing, if that makes sense haha).

Depressed dancing is absolutely a thing, lol. I appreciate your kind words. It's a lot easier to be a real person from time to time here than to not be haha <3

We should gather up someday and do the depressed dance stuff hahaha and then you review it. It would be helluva post :D

Hahaha hell yeah! That sounds awesome. Canada then?

Hell yeah! In a few years, I hope hahaha from now, I'm stuck in la ciudad de la furia: Caracas, Venezuela o.o but I promise I'll do my best to make that gathering happen haha

I know you're in Venezuela but I do remember your Canadian dream. See you when it happens!

Hahaha see you then <3

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