Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra Live!

in music •  10 months ago 

What better show for a date night than a fantastic Afro-Columbian explosion of music and dance? The venue is the always awesome Revival House which will be reviewed as part 2 of this post using Tasteem! What better combination of STEEM Dapps than #Tasteem and #Dtube for a fantastic date night?

As you can see, friendship had its privileges as we had the best seats in the house front and center and the show started right after our excellent french dinner. These guys were fantastic with their 12 pieces, energy, musicianship and fun. This is early in the show and you can see the entrance of the dancers as they cannot resist the beat and charisma. My friend Peter makes a guest appearance on the dance floor and moves like a 20-year old despite being over 70!!

You can read more about Kumbia here and more about Revival House here Both highly recommended!

▶️ DTube
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Now that is a Date Night! Your buddy Peter not only made an appearance on the dance floor, he killed it. I love music, but do not have the rhythem this old timer has. I better watch who I am calling an old timer as I am not to far behind.

Yah I am spinning up a #tasteem review of the restaurant for more details right now.

As for Peter, he is the epitome of a teenager trapped in an older shell. Classically trained dancer and theatrical performer from the 60s & 70s and does nothing but live in town, smoking a bit of weed and gardening, and dances his ass off at the best live musical performance seemingly every night.

I am no dancer but there is a big slice of "I wanna be that guy at that age" in Peter for sure. Immortal.

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!