Five Star Ent. Presents “Weekly Bars” # 16 by @youngogmarqs - I’m UPSET!!

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Weekly Bars #16

The long awaited, highly anticipated, “I’m upset” freestyle by Yogi is finally here!!

My apologies for the hold-up on WB16. I’ve been really busy with other events in my personal life, but good things come to those who wait

In honor of Drake’s new album “ Scorpion” released this past Weekend, I snatched up one of his beats and spit that “crypto-talk” to it. 

“I’m Upset”, is a record that’s pretty fun to mock. About a week ago, I and a few friends over on the @smartmediagroup discord server, we having fun freestyling and joking around with this instrumental. 

So I got the idea to use this beat and song concept from that evening. My good friend @bosun, enjoyed the fun and freestyles so much he inspired me to not only use the beat, but also run with the same concept of things that got me upset.

I’m on the verge of starting my own genre. I’m calling it Steemit-rap. Hip-hop music focusing mainly on crypto. It’s a thought for now, lets see if I can get a movement started on the platform. 

Enjoy the bars!!

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 Stay blessed. 

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Now you know I had to resteem this one.

This post is not on trending! I'm upset!!! 😠😛


I know, the entire platform needs to hear this!!!

More success bro... Nice freestyle


Thanks my dude I appreciate it

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Nice freestyle ... Wish you more success bro

@youngogmarqs amazing I hope your blog will be in trending


Thanks for your support glad you like it


👍🏼 Thank u

Great lyrics.
Amazing song.
Level of creativity over 999.


Thank you I appreciate the love

Hola @youngogmarqs me gustó mucho tu video y me robaste una sonrisa, eso es genial. Oye deberías dejar los subtítulos en español jajajaja creo ganarías muchos fanes. Felicitaciones por tu trabajo. Me encantó cuando dices !AJA! que continúen los éxitos.
Buena vibra.

Hii @youngogmarqs sir more success


Thank you sir


Thanks bro, checked out your post. Did the same for u

Hello youngogmarqs sir,I have upvoted you. I liked your blog very well. In the coming time, you are hopeful of help. I thank you very much Thank you.


Thank you for the support its greatly appreciated

I think , your post is good

Soooo nice this song!! I must confess that I was shaking my hands like Snoop Dog hahaha XD