I made a Youtube channel with all my beats

in #music4 years ago

Well, I know in advance this won't be the most popular post in the world... Youtube does stand for pretty much the opposite of everything that Steemit stands for, but I've had some frustrating experiences with the IFPS based Steem video players like Dtube, so for the sake of getting my music out in an accessible, functional, and efficient way, I've decided to make a Youtube page. In the future, I will definitely consider migrating the channel to Dtube or a similar app.

In any case, this post wasn't meant to be an apology so much as a advertisement... If you want to check out some instrumental hip-hop music, I've got most of my beats up on my new youtube page Birddroppings and will be posting more there every couple of weeks (hopefully).

Here's the link to the whole list of my videos:

And here's a random example of one of my beats:

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

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