Lovers Are Metaphysical Beings

in music •  4 months ago

#LAMB "Lovers Are Metaphysical Beings"

Big shout out to who ever bought me veggie street tacos today. Thank you for helping me get charged up.
I had to grab the rest of these disks from the record store before they get burried in a tomb of various musical anomolies. 💿💿💿💿💿
I wanted to touch bass on this project. It was the first time I have ever made a statement like this that is saying that I am going to put my cause out instead of being the reaction to my circumstances.
It was a very liberating process and the effects I had to deal with after forced me further into selfhood and seeking for freedom. 🦁🐑
I am realizing now that freedom is what I am after and that comes in so many waves. Both holistic and also in the contemporary way that people view freedom.
I understand that Being a Lover does not mean I have to put on some kind of 'positive' mask and pretend that I cannot be hurt or that everything is fine when it isn't, that feels like fakeness to me.
That whole lane seems like another set of chains to me.
As an artist Being a Lover of your muse you have to be willing to put your self out there and take that step into your lane, because otherwise you are just waiting on a door to open up for you that may never open.
You could look at how others are doing it and then you start to compare and that just messes up your gift.
I let the lovers play!!! On this project I also asked to align myself with some of the figures of righteousness but that doesn't make me some kind of champion, a lot of these figures are used to bring you closer to being. They are not here to create a box for you to climb inside of and say that is the answer for the world. Or if you do it this way you are promised all the treasures of the world. If it were that easy we all would be in a utopia flying on space ships and yonicorns. (Maybe we are🤓)
However, I am a student of the truth and that means I am a Lover both physical and beyond.
I also want to offer my respect to all beings, especially those that have been leaving a legacy in hip hop; they taught us how to be real when everyone now just wanna play real. But I let the lovers play!!

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