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The Police is a New Wave band from Newsastle, UK, in 1976.

The Police Story

The Police story begins when Gordon Summer meeting later known as Sting (because of the often wearing a yellow T-shirt) with Stewart Copeland. Both musicians already have their own flying hours in the music world. Sting, for example, once joined the band Last Exit that carries jazz music, while Stewart Copeland is a former Air group member who carries progressive rock music. they then invited the guitarist from Corsica, Henri Pandovani, at that time they are still an indie label that has launched their debut single "Fall Out". Soon Henri joined The Police. He was later replaced by Andy Summer. Guitarist named Andy Summer is a personnel of The Police who has the most experience in the music world. Andy has previously joined the band that carries R & B music, Big Roll Band, then joined Eric Burdon and The Animals who play psycadelick rock music.

Then complete the initial formation of The Police :

  • Sting (bass / vocal),
  • Stewart Copeland (drums),
  • Andy Summer (guitar).

The personnel experience actually makes the music of The Police rich in sound. But as a new band that carries the new wave style, the average of their songs is quite short and neat.

The Police's initial breakthrough was the throwing of Sting's "Roxanne" single. After they signed a recording contract with A & M Record. Success with "Roxanne", The Police launched the debut album Outlands of Amour (Outlaw's of love) which sold well in the market in 1978. The Police also began to dare to perform in several countries, including concerts in Argentina and India.

Outlands D Amour, is a new wave album that presents pop colors with Reaggea accents.

So.... listen to the numbers on the debut album such as "Roxanne", "Can not Stand Lossing You", "So Lonely" will feel the color of Carribbean music combined with pop or punk color. The album spawned radio hits besides "Roxanne", "Next to You", "So Lonely", and "Hole in My Life". Song Roxanne "itself occupies the 12th position in the UK and 32 in the United States.

Entering 1979, The Police featured a hit in September, "Message in the Bottle" and topped the UK charts. The single also marks the start of the second album, Regatta De Blanc, which is a translation of the title "White Reaggae".

In the song Message in the Bottle ", The Police mostly played a punk style with spice tapping guitar Andy Summer. Same with "Roxanne", but on the song The Police speed up the game. Another case with: "Walking on the Moon" or "The Bed's Too Big Without You" which further highlight the element of Reaggea. On the song "The Bed's Too Big Without You", Steward Copeland plays more cymbals. Sting further highlight the development of bass games plus high-pitched vocals

On the third album, Sting wrote some songs that are quite attention grabbing public music, "Driven to Tears", "When the World is Running Down", You Make The Best of What's Still Around ", and "Canary in A Coalmine". On the album, The police also gave birth to megahit such as "De Do Do Da Da Da Da" and "Do not Stand So Close to Me". Unfortunately their third album is considered a waste of work for over exploiting the elements of philosophy and accentuating rhythmic games on music.

While the fourth album "Ghost in the Machine" which was released in 1981 brought a more colorful musical color. They tried to incorporate keyboards and wind instruments like a saxophone into a somewhat different set of music as in the song "Spirit in the Material World". "One World (Now There)", and Rehumanize Yourself ". Although still incorporating elements of their music Reaggea sounded more progress.

In 1983, they relaunched their (last) record album "Synchronicity" The album they worked on Montserrat for six weeks. The album is called the peak album The Police. Some numbers in it turn into a hit. "Every Breath You Take" topped the list for eight weeks. Other hits from their fifth album are "King of Pain" (position 3), "Syncronicity II" (position 16) and calm number "Wrapped Around Your Finger" (position 8).Syncronicity became an album that sold over 10 million copies worldwide. The Police even won three Grammy awards in 1984, including song of the year for the song "Every Breath You Take".

The Police Awards

BRIT Awards
Best Britsh Group - in 1982
Out Standing Contribution to Music - in 1985

Grammy Awards
Best Rock Instrumental Performence for "reggatta de Blanc" - in 1980
Best Rock Performence by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "Don't Stand to Close to me" - in 1981
Best Rock Instrumental Performence for "behind my Camel" - in 1981
Song of the Year "Every Breath you Take" - in 1983
Best Pop Performence by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "Every Breath You Take" - in 1983
Best Rock Performence by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "Synchronicity" - in 1983

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The Police were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on  March 10, 2003.

Other lists
Ranked No.70 on Rolling Stone's Immortals, the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time
Ranked No.40 on VH1's List of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time

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100% agree. Who can forget, 'Every breath you take'. Epic!


yeahh, i think the same way man...
glad there are people who think the same as me....

Sting's voice is EPIC.


That's right, no other word than "EPIC"

we need a more band like them , not like we have now , before people was playing music to share own feeling and thinking , but now most people do music for busnines and make money from body slave....


yeah... i agree with that, now many band/musician making music just for make money...Different from the band that used to be

It would be hard for a band like the Police to achieve the success that they had in the 80's. Popular music today has de-emphasized musicianship. I'm a guitar player and I love to see great musicians play and in that era, the editing capabilities in the studio were limited. That meant musician's had to get their parts right for longer duration of their recordings, especially drummers. With that said, this shows how truly great this generation of musicians were.


wow nice suggestion...
yeah it's hard for The police to achieve in 1980's, because of that time, the band will be hard to make a good song, cause of the limitations of tools, effects, recording but because of the limitations of tools and technology, making the band/musician in the 80's, to be very creative and be a great musician with many skills than musicians today's.

greatest trio ever! im hoping for a new reunion
and i hope they include "fall out" this time