Producing music, project plan , making little concepts --> Good tip for beginners (Ableton Live 9)[Original track]

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Hello steemains!
In this short presentation I'll show you how do I start the producing process.

When I start producing I make little project plans, concepts - these are very far from a finished product, but it gives you a good idea about what you can do with your track and you may come back to it any time in the future if you wish to finish your work.

Let's start by listening to one of these concepts:

As you can hear I tried to keep it very simple, no audioeffects, no transitions, just a plain unprocessed project plan.
I only used one plugin, my favorite one: NI MASSIVE --> all the different sounds are coming from this plugin (except the drums). These sounds are unedited, I did nothing to them I just created the tunes, all the different instruments you hear are one of the built in presets of NI MASSIVE, which can be manipulated in countless ways.
ableton 2.jpg

This little session builds up from 6 Tracks(different instruments) in 4 sections ( loops from the tracks together) so after I aligned my tracks I just play the sections after one another, this is what u heard above.

I'll show you and demonstrate how the 2 main section builds up by playing and adding the tracks together( "Melody1, Melody2, drums, bass, FX, SAX") This way you can hear how each track improves the section.
Here is the track playing:

For the last section:

And that's about it, that's how I roll..
I make dozens of little concepts like this before I start really working on them. This method is the best for me because I can come back to these concepts any time, but only if I feel the inspiration to continue that specific project.

I hope you liked it, and u find this little tip useful. If you do, check out my blog for other tips and tutorials:

Tutorial on building tracks and alligning sections coming after I've reached 100 followers.

Have a nice day!

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Thanks for the support steemains!
If there is any specific request let me know.

What about a genre tutorial. Like house production, or dubstep or something like that.

I guess we can do that.. well not for all the genres, but for some.
Alright, thanks, it's on the list!

NICE ARTICLE ! I produce music myself and I find this very helpful.

This post is very interesting!

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The best songs I know have this one line, theme or idea that makes them unique. I think you should always save everything you record or compose, even the crappy ones. After awhile you hear things differently and you may find something you can use on your newest song.

So true...