15 amazing facts you didn't know about your vocal chords

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Vocal health for singers is an important topic. After all, as a singer, your voice — and, actually, your entire body — is your instrument! It only makes sense to fully understand how it works, and how vocal health really affects your performance I have shared tips for improving your tone, strange (but effective) ways to protect your vocal cords, and how posture affects your singing. We’ve debunked the myth that drinking milk is bad for your voice, and that not all lozenges and sprays marketed to singers are created equal.

EditIMG_20180124_085829.jpgor’s Note:

Lungs capacity is important, but not as important as training to MANAGE the outflow of air. I agree that swimming is a great exercise for singers, because it requires both. Many people I see with damaged voices have tried to push out (expel) too much air; this is the opposite of real breath support.

Also, recent acoustics research resonators are mainly in the throat, even though we experience them in nose
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