Drumming and Dancing to FOTOKOTABAH

in music •  6 months ago 

Fotokotabah, a rhythm originating in the Great Malian Empire, metamorphosed over the generations.

Celebrations being one of the favorite pass-times of West Africans, Fotokotabah easily lent itself to welcoming new people to a different village and later like a favorite song on the radio "Kotabah" became the farmer's choice to help the work go by with ease. This rhythm features Colorado Springs favorite, Anabela Osavio Crooks of the Sankofa Dancers, Farai Malianga, and DeAndre Carroll from Boulder Colorado Harambee dancers.

This video is one of several I will be showing on steemit from a show I produced 1998 at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

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Those dancers seem weightless, carried on by the rhythms.

Dancers say that dancing to live drums make it so much easier to push the body or as you describe it carried by the rhythms almost weightless in the movements.

I am always so enthused by their excitement and the absolute joy this brings to their soul You can tell it is done with total abandon and their movement shows off that it is coming from the inside out.

The beat is infectious and I am so happy that you were a part of this! What a proud moment to have produced this show! Thank you for showing off the footage!! And if you listen to the crowds, they totally enjoyed this time there!!


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It is so entertaining to listen to the cadence of the drumming @willowwisp :D

I miss your music post please come back 🌝