Ever since I heard 'Eulogy' by Ben Kenny I wanted to record a live split screen video performance.

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Hi all wav-Dr. here. I hope all is good with you and yours.

One of my Hero's is Ben Kenney. He's the bass player for Incubus. Their music occupied the airwaves at my home throughout the years. I found his Solo project super inspiring. Seeing him play all the parts, creating such great vibes and delivering an amazing performance inspired me to strive for that someday. Here's the video for 'Eulogy' by Ben Kenney.

Bonnie Legion @soundlegion mentioned the idea of a split screen video. I had no idea how to pull that off my end but she said she could work her magic in Sony Vegas. The song has multiple guitar parts and I realized I couldn't pull it all off from one instrument. Bonnie suggests 1/4 screen split view. Hells yeah lets roll!

So I track the acoustic and electric guitar parts and send her my rough mix of the song then start the painstaking upload process. My rural internet in BC Canada took me 13 hours to upload two five minute mp4 videos. Bonnie tracks her lead and backup vocals and sends me her stems to mix. While I get going on the Mix and Master Bonnie works the video Production. Bonnie said the rendering took almost an hour per split video to process. This is once again a team effort. I proudly present our latest 'Single' 'Fear Of Flying- live'.

The recording studio has been my focus with video Production really something I have dabbled with for about a year. Thus far in the Wav-Legion project it seams if one of us lacks experience in one aspect of the Production the other steps up. I am grateful for that so thanks Bonnie. Here's a 50/50 split screen live version of our song 'HeavyWeight' we did last week.

We are pouring our hearts and souls into this music. We are so lucky to have amazing Producers like @d-vine, @MEfemby, @THEREALMETRO1 and @KreitzIi contributing to the new album too. Thanks for the amazing remixes @nickyhavey, @bufinjer, @stevegallacher, @EthanolADDiKtz, @amphlux, @davidfar.

We are transmitting our collective good vibes to you.

Stay inspired friends,

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Deadly 👍

Thanks for checking it out @geshasproject. Ben Kenney Rocks!

Very inspiring.

Having an absolute blast with these live ones! we gotta keep this going wooo Rockin my friend you inspire constant.

Absolutely my friend.