Hey Steemians! - My Electronic "Imta" Preview

in #music3 years ago

Hello fellow Steemians.
I'd like to introduce an electronic piece of music that I'm working on as part of my Album: "Imta"

Imta uses vocal processing and layering techniques, and so far nothing else. Your opinions and advice are welcome :)

Here it is:

These are the links to my blog and other social media. Feel free to check out my blog, and If you're on any social, don't be shy, drop a follow and comment your own link - I love to get to know the community!

  • Click HERE for my Blog ✨

  • Click HERE for my Instagram 📸

  • Click HERE for my Twitter 🐦

  • Click HERE for my Bandcamp 🎵

  • Click HERE for my Soundcloud 🎤

Here's me :)Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 07.47.35.png

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