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I have been gone from crypto for a few months, only checking in from time to time. I was never the type to bug out during a bear market or crash. I just keep doing what I am doing. Crypto has a way of bouncing back.

One of the places I will be posting more besides @dsound will be @musicoin. I have teamed up with several artists that are willing to go a full crypto route when it comes to monetizing thier music. This will be a crazy experiment. I hope you will follow us over at @musicevolving to support the artists we will be promoting this year.

For now, I feel like putting some of my old music back out. If you are easily offended you are in the wrong place. 😂

P.S. my views are not those of anyone I work with... they will be the first to tell yah...

Check out "NEVER GO!" On Musicoin

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