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RE: ||| The Perfect Original Music to David Lynch Weirdness ||| Twin Peaks |||

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I don't even need to listen to it, it is already in my mind :)

It is one of the many reasons why I love Twin Peaks as well as the work of David Lynch. Blue Velvet was the first movie I saw by him and it made me fall really in love with cinema. One of the reasons why I wanted to make movies myself.

Wonderful and unique music. I find there's also a strange beauty to the voice of Julee Cruise.

Thanks for sharing!


Blue Velvet was also my first David Lynch, how cool :) Maybe we are similar age?

I watched Blue Velvet at an arranged screening for Film Studies/ Film Theory, probably in 2001. It was one of the movies that really stuck with me among thousands of films seen during the 2000's.

I am born in 1981. After having seen Blue Velvet, I dove into the oeuvre of Lynch. I even wrote my final thesis on his (short) films. Wish I had been able to see Twin Peaks on TV back in the early 90s!

What about you?

I watched Blue Velvet on TV, must be not too long after it got released, maybe a coupe of years. Twin Peaks I saw on TV as well. David Lynch is for sure one of my most favourite directors and film creators.

Cool beans! Same here! He has been (one of) my favorite(s) directors since I discovered his work.