Desert Island Disc Music Challenge Choose FIVE albums for your ONE year Stay

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@slobberchops started a nice challenge with music as topic. Of course I want to participate because music is one of my vains of life :)

So the rules are:

  1. Name FIVE albums you would take if you were stranded on a desert island for ONE year with just a CD player, USB devices capable of playing tunes or a good old fashioned record player.
  2. For each of the albums, link a tune from YouTube or an alternate source which to you is the standout song.
  3. Provide a short story on why you like this album or the artist so much.
  4. Use the tag #desertislandchallenge on your post
  5. Nominate THREE more people for the challenge, try and pick music people!

If you want to enter the challenge and write your own then go ahead and do so, there no need to wait for your nomination.

I nominate @s3rg3, @brittandjosie and @tijntje for the Desert Island Disc Music Challenge!

So here’s my FIVE to kick this off:

Joe Satriani - Surfing with the alien

The album "Surfing with the alien" by Joe Satriani is for sure one album which I would take. Like I mentioned before, this is the first real "guitar album" I had. I got it from my brother for my birthday and got's (besides a lot of memory's) a bunch of good songs on it where "alway with me alway's with you" is my absolute favorite. The song has such a emotional load and the melody is....goosebumps.... For me for sure a album to take with me.

Abba - Greatest hits

The music of Abba is like a constant factor in my life. I have been grown up with their music. My mother was a very big fan of them and collected about evertyhing she could get her hands on. Even sheet music of their albums she bought, while she even didn't play any instrument. The advantge of all this was that I visited Abba in Rotterdam in 1979, one of the two concerts they have ever given in the Netherlands. And although it's so long ago, I really do remember a lot of it. The song "The way old friends do" is one of my favorites. It remind me of my grandfather. He loved that song and my mother played it whenever my grandparents were visiting us.

UB40 - Labour of love two

While I am a year on a dessert island, you have to relax and enjoy some sunny vibes. It's not all about rock :). The album "Labour of love two" was succesfull in the times I just got together with my wife. We played these tunes a lot, really a lot. So while I am alone on a dessert island, these songs will take me back to those great and special moments. The way you do the things you do is a special one for me... Because it still says all about her being special to me, I love the way she does the things she does and I am damm proud of her..

Joe Bonamassa - Live from the Royl ALbert hall

This is for me one of the best guitar albums / concerts ever. I have seen Bonamassa twice live and he is one of the masters. This concert got it all, slow blues, blues rock, ballads and some additional appearances of (for example) Eric Clapton. The song Django, the first of the concert, is a song which in a minute triggers you. Full of emotion and virtuosity. I remember listening this song in my car, just out of nowhere I started crying... Music is magic, music is emotion. This song got it all.

Pink Floyd - Pulse

Floyd is a inherritage from my youth. My father loved them and often played them on a sunday morning. I love Floyd ever since. They are real magicians with music. The album pulse is a living proof of that. I remember buying the CD box, there was this little light in it constantly pulsing. I thought it was brilljant. Comming back to life is a song which I often played. The magicness of his voice and guitarplay / sound.... It can't get much better then this can it...

Thanks to @slobberchops for this great challenge,

Have a great day !!


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