My first red vinyl 45 record - Yazoo - Don't Go (English / Deutsch)

in #musiclast year

A view back into my record store

It was about time to post about music again since weeks of other things. Folks that know me are aware I am old and started my music journey with the love for Hard Rock / Metal which led to a cross-over love once the Techno movement started - still love this techno bass sounds with hard guitar riffs.

What some also know is that I generally love to listen to all kinds of music, starting with classic stuff (I used to learn organ and played this Johann Sebastian Bach stuff) and also enjoying any trash that was produced during the 1980ies. One of the killer tracks I was totally addicted in 1982 was Yazoo - Don't Go. Apart from the fact(s) that:

  1. the guy behind this project was also a major part to start Depeche Mode as well as Visage

  2. singer Alison Moyet became extremely popular with her soul voice later

..there is the private special thing I am thrilled to be one of only a few. In 1982 I bought this single record aka called 45" vinyl - but it was not a normal one, it was a red vinyl version I actually only discovered 6 hours later after the buy in the shop of music in Cologne / Germany.

What is your special vinyl music hardware / record?

I am very keen to get your special story about your first or special music pieces - may it be a record, an MP3, a love for a singer, a special concert visit - feel free to let me know, I enjoy to read such background.


Krasses Musik Stück - es gab mal nicht digitale Musik

Endlich konnte ich dieses kleine rote Musikteil im Keller meiner Eltern lokalisieren, hab ich 1982 in Köln bei Saturn gekauft, war damals ein Paradies für mich, es gab Platten, Music Cassetten von allem über 3 Etagen, werd ich nie vergessen. Diese rote Single Platte ist mein spezielles Ding, nicht nur wegen der Musik.


Du hast ein Upvote von mir bekommen, diese soll die Deutsche Community unterstützen. Wenn du mich unterstützten möchtest, dann sende mir eine Delegation. Egal wie klein die Unterstützung ist, Du hilfst damit der Community. DANKE!

Merci vielmals :-)

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