Introducing a DJ from Romania - it ended up.......

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Hier hätte ich gerne die Meinung meiner Profis für Dance und Rumänien @alexvan und @andyjaypowell :-) confusion - Adina Butar, what are you?

.... read on - originally planned as finally picking up again my series of introducing great artists on the turntable in the world of Techno, House and Trance - but for a proper DJ introduction this is different. Ok we have a nice looking lady I discovered on DJList while researching best DJs from Romania. However most of them are not available via the links I saw. This lady has her own YT channel and a profile as DJ, but is she a DJ or simply the muse or whatever to the known German DJ Markus Schulz?

Listed as Top 25 DJ in the country

That raised my interest combined with the look but check the site - I think the only DJ connection is to her boyfriend or maybe husband now?

Anyway - seems she is more a cute singer from Romania performing in dance related projects - hence this is simply a #DanceWeekend post finally. However be prepared - I found some real cool DJs from the country my friend @alexvan origins from, more soon on that.

Her DJ "work"

So her DJ work is more related to perform in Markus Schulz productions. Even I am German I was never a huge fan of him, he became pretty famous in the US for his style - in Germany his sounds are not comparable to the heroes of the scene, but new generation and he is successful. Check her productions in the post where she was performing and tell me what you think of them and if it makes you really dance. Maybe this is a mix of her as DJane:

The entry track of this post is a famous remake of my friend Jam el Mar (original of Jam&Spoon - RIP Mark!) where she sings - but is this really cool and better as the original? I remember Plavka and it was a killer song when it has been launched - see below:

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