Dance for Father's Day!!! Thanks DACH Discord

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Zum Vatertag - Harte PARTY

Heute war ich zufällig mal länger in DACH Discord als üblich und ich hab paar coole Leute kennengelernt und versucht dabei bisserl Musik aufzulegen - kann das nicht so gut wie Profis, aber es hat Spass gemacht - gute Jungs & Mädels dort!

Der erste Track hier ist das Lied, was mich lange in der Jugend verfolgt hat - Darmstadt - Snap - wenn wir kegeln waren hiess es immer bei dem Song Uwe is a Kegler - Enjoy.

Come on and let us party

Dance Weekend has started - Thursday is usually the first day of Weekend and Party - this comes from my student times where my main day of DJ work was THURSDAY - a day you had to get all these crazy folks to the dance floor - it was fun - it was not the day you could play your own style techno thing - it was the DAY to CARE about the audience and to CARE about the guys of the club as they had to earn some money from these events!

I am writing this post because of two reasons

1 - I was playing a bit music in the German DACH Discord Channel and had fruitful discussions with some folks i usually do not talk to - I learned a lot!
2 - I celebrate Father's Day in Germany

Different Music Desire but United Fun

Hence I sometimes argue with Music genre Nazis that try to define what music is belonging to a certain genre - I see it more important to bring people together from different preferences - the perfect party and society is when everyone feels united and part of a community no matter where they come from, what music they love, which soccer club they support, what political opinion they have - we all should recognise that mankind is one tribe - we all belong together, we all should unite for mankind and this fucking planet that might be killed soon because of our selfishness!

So coming to Party - Music - Dance Weekend - no Genre this time - just some music for different taste this time including a lot diversity - Dance - Disco - Trance - Techno - House - Rap!


Hier noch mein 90er Dance Beitrag :D

Ich erinnere mich noch gut - war aber 80er sogar :-) - Danke @blockchainnerd

It’s a sad day for Me today cause I wish I could actually dance for him , but I lost him years ago . Nevertheless, I’d dance for him , celebrate the hero that he was , my hero . I’m say this words to him { RIP papa } I’m dancing for you I hope you see me from up there

It’s dance weekend again , DJ @uwelang on the wheels of steem.

That is sad indeed - I can hear you - I lost my dad 2 years go - RIP

Sorry for your loss my friend . May they both Rest In Peace .

Okay Im gonna start learning German next week in Berlin for a while.

Ich glaube das ich auch auf der DACH Discord gruppe muss, fur wann ich nachtste monat am Schweiz wohnen gehe

(Jah ich brauche noch ganz viele Schule fur die Zeit hahaha)

90s dance never gets never!!

Sehr schön liebe @karinxxl - enjoy learning German - here is our Discord:

Vielen Dank mein Freund!

Der Deutsche Discord geht mich hilfen!

Happy Father's day!!!

Das ist doch mal eine coole Sammlung!!!

Danke Meister - hat Spass gemacht gestern beim Auflegen, schade dass ich früh los musste aber hab gesehen Ihr habt es noch krachen lassen ihr beiden :-)

Es wurde dann eher experimentell und chillig ;-)

Oh man I have been talking about that exact Depeche Mode song a lot this week. Reminds me of my childhood. I don't know if I have ever heard that Quench song but definitely suits my taste.

Thanks for sharing these!

Glad to read this @hanshotfirst - curious to hear the story behind you talking about Depeche Mode this week :-) - an educational project :-)?

hahaha the post is fascinating, happy father's day.What a great wealth it is, even among the poor, to be the son of a good father! Doing the father for his son is done by himself. A good father is worth a hundred teachers.

Coole Platten🤗👍🤘 Schon lange keinen Sven Väth gehört, einfach nur geil. Das waren Zeiten😊😵

Jeez I haven't heard these tracks in years. Nice trip down memory lane. Thanks @uwelang

Ui, da werden gerade ein paar Jugenderinnerungen wach - vor allem bei Rhythm is a dancer :-). Alles Gute zum Vatertag. Das ist hier in Bali leider vergessen gegangen..... Sonnige Grüsse

Lieben Dank und Grüße in die Sonne!

Habe ich leider verpasst, wäre ja gerne heute in DACH Discord gewessen...!

Nächstes mal sicher!

Vile Glück zum Vatertag!