How to feel like you love life again!

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When you feel like you don't love life, this means you are not surrounding yourself with things that remind you of yourself and your life essence and what lifts you to that experiential place of loving life!

I suggest journalling when and how these things and moments occur, when something finally makes you feel like loving life, write it down. try to capture it. maybe it is a song! maybe it is a moment. describe it, what you were doing, who with, whatever details you feel are relevant. These are all important signals for you to uplift you and clues to see what it is that brings you and sparks you to life!

My most recent spark is an awesome song my friend is releasing. It came over the waves of divine inspiration, and it truly lifts me up right up there! It's not even the words, it's the energy delivered in it, and it just makes me love life!

I would love for you to be able to hear the gift of this song, but since I'm privy to it before it's release, it's set to be released within the next month. The working song title right now is "Never Give Up," by Charlie White. You can sign up on his youtube channel and / or his Patreon to ensure that you get it when it comes out! Please do sign up! It would be a crime for you not to hear this song and tell me what you think!

gotta hear this one yourself! comment to let me know what you think of it!

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