Happy Jazzy Piano - Beginner's Improvisation

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To love is like playing the piano: First you learn the theory, then you follow your heart.

But to really love or be a musician, you don't really have to learn the theory if you don't want to.

I do not know how to read music. Despite that, I've learned to play guitar, piano, flute, harmonica, accordion, ukulele, a bit of violin, ... So I would say that I am living proof that you can make music without being a "real" dedicated musician! Like you can simply love someone without being a "real" dedicated lover.

Some times ago, a kind friend showed me a quick pattern with the left hand to improvise. Sharing knowledge is a good way to share love, I would say. :-)
It inspired me, so I trained a bit, and decided to film it. So here's one of my first improvisation in some kind of Jazz piano.

Thanks for passing by my blog my friend.


Troilo M.

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The FUN'c'TTION of a left hand LEAD .. -))
.. from a RIGHT B'rain'ED CreatoR !!! - )))

i dig IT ! - )))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

ps .. i like the camera angel TOO - )))
= "LookinG down on CREATION" - ))))))))))))

Haha, left handed brain. Right? :D I think I'm ambidextrous since I juggle (and since I broke my right hand two times)

Yes, I know, my camera is a nice little angel. ;)

Thank you my friend!

TrulY .. YOU are a multi-dimensional ManiaC !! - ))
and .. i love IT !!! - )))

Thank YOU - )))))))))

sun divider.png
You have a gift... music is in your soul.

Thank you my friend. My soul is in music. :D

Sounds good. I would appreciate if you show this pattern of your friend in some kind of "tutorial" because my brother just got a piano and I want to learn how to play it.

Hey thank you! Oh, it would be a great idea. I was planning on making some tutorials soon, that might be a good start. ;)

You definitely have to start playing, I'm sure that a little genius like you have a great potential!

Excelente, parece un maestro a pesar de lo que describes en tu post. te entregas y dar amor a lo que haces y eso es lo que importa. Saludos mi amigo.

Gracias, es divertido. Trato de ser inspirado por otros, y luego inspirar a otros a mi vez. ¡Al placer!

Sounds great!

Oh I'm honored to hear that from my favorite steemit pianist. I love your creativity my friend!
Thank you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

lovely sounds..Man you sound so natural when you play Great Feel!!!!

Thank you kouba. Haha, it may sound natural because it's a total improvisation, and I don't read music. :D

Lol you trained a bit,nice
greetings @troilo

Haha, yes, a bit. ;)



Thanks. :D

nice buddy you have done great keep it up..

Thank you dear poet!

my pleasure my friend

Nice dear friend @troilo and i like enjoy jazz..folback my friend