Key Gear Needed to Produce Music At Home!!!

in music •  10 months ago

Ive been playing music for most of my life and I always get asked by friends what they need to buy to start making music at home. Its not as easy as buying gear and becoming the next Metro Boomin over night, it takes years of practice and refining your skills. With that being said I've made a short video of the essential gear that is needed to produce music at home and recording live music.

A computer is the most important thing unless your a multimillionaire that can splurge and buy a complete analog setup. With many different digital audio workstations to choose from deciding on a certain brand of computer can be important being that some DAW's only work with certain computers. Ive been on Apple since i was a kid and thats my weapon of doom.

Things like headphones and midi controllers will also be helpful but not necessary.

I hope this was a little helpful and if any has questions feel free to ask away.

Dojaa =)

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