The Steem Theme (Original Music)

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The Steem Theme (Original Music)

Here is my composition called Theme From Steem or simply Steem Theme. I recorded it on my Korg MicroArranger and the editing was done on WeVideo and Audacity.

I want to create a 21st century sounding theme that resonates with our dynamic, disruptive Steemit movement to inspire the Steemit team. Steem Power is the future of Steemit and we all share in it.

Photo of Santa Fe steam locomotive "Chief" courtesy of Wikimedia

If you like the Steem Theme please resteem, upvote and/or comment. This song is for you and I invite suggestions for future versions.


reminds me of Starcraft Zerg theme

Thanks for the feedback...

I had never heard of Starcraft or the Zerg Theme. It makes me feel like I'm on the right track because Starcraft is very futuristic sounding. Of course, locomotives of the future won't be steam powered. But then again, if they were nuclear powered they would have a small steam turbine and people could buy their ticket with Steem;)

starcraft is a 1995 video game :D