A Video Of Me Singing Live With A Big Band - Come Fly With Me

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I wanted to share a video from my singing live with The Jazz Conspiracy Big Band the other evening.
I had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I didn't imagine just a month ago that after all these years I would again begin performing live again.
It took the opportunity to sing in front of a Big Band with a classic sound to convince me to do so.

As far as the video of my evening with them is concerned,
well, it didn't turn out exactly as we hoped.

My son volunteered to record the evening.
Unfortunately most of what what my son recorded is unwatchable.

He had thought by sitting up front he would get a good view.
He didn't take into account the enthusiastic dancers in front of the stage.
As he recorded he constantly was bumped into with the result being a lot of video is of dancing feet and the backs of the dancers.
He said if he ever has an opportunity to do it again, he will stand in the back where he will probably get a better overall view.

That being said this is the only semi-watchable song of the night.
It starts out shaky but eventually he finds a spot and the white balance kicks in on the camera.
It gives you an idea of the atmosphere, but take it from me, the band sounds even more amazing in person.

It was a fun night.
The dancing never stopped and everyone had a good time.
I look forward to doing it again.

So here is a shaky cam video of me with the Jazz Conspiracy Band singing "Come Fly With Me."

  • tom
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You have great performance and you make the people so happy and dancing and your voice so beautifull


Thank you.