Just gotta hoop dance to Aurora's Churchyard

in music •  3 months ago 

On Saturday afternoon I was listening to Churchyard by Aurora and it is so beautiful I just had to dance. I used my travel hula hoop which is heavier and makes it fun to dance with. My sister sent me the song on Thursday and I'd been listening to it non stop, wondering what it is about! I was really feeling it so I popped the phone in the cupbard and pushed record. Because the phone is behind glass it made a cool reflection which you can see once in a while on the right. I like it :D

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I think you exactly understood what this music is about @tifbro !
It gives me the feeling of going with the flow!
Watching your beautiful dance make me feel more like that...
And choosing that purple overlay... It's like a trip...
Just go with life flow... sometimes it's calm, sometimes it hits a rock (I got this feeling from min 1:00). Sometimes easy and sometimes hard...
But with all of that, you just need to keep going by the flow... Wherever it's heading... You should just embrace the life, if we keep fighting it, we just lose time...
And you did exactly what you felt... That's the beauty of this video!
I also was wondering if I want to give hula hoop a try!
Thanks for sharing your feeling and this beautiful music!

Your thoughtful comment made my day! Thank you. Much appreciated :)
I'm really chuffed you like the dancing and the purple over lay.
Hula hooping is the best and if you're keen you should definitely give it a try. I recommend starting with a hoop bigger than 100cm and if it is heavier or has water in it then it is easier to keep it up and gives a fantastic workout. But avoid the exercise hoops with the bumps. They are just marketing gimmicks and torture devices ;D
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts :D

Thanks for your advice! I'll consider it whenever I want to taste this one!

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Nice song and I like the video.
I like dancing too and I have developed my own style.

Thanks, Donatello. I had a look and wow! You are a fantastic dancer! I enjoyed watching you very much :)

Thank you so much! It's very nice of you.

Haven't heard the song before but now I will definitely put it on. It's great! And I love your dance. You dance like you didn't even have the hula hoop :D It's so smooth and natural. I don't even remember when I used hula hoop for the last time and I used to like it so much! I will probably have to get one :)

Thank you for sharing and inspiring :) Have a lovely day!

What a lovely comment. Thank you! I'm really pleased you enjoyed the video and I highly recommend rekindling your hula hoop passion ;D

You so good at this and you make it look easy. Nice song too . Everything about the video was nice

That's so nice! Thank you very much, it means a lot to me :D

We used to say here that "Dance it like on one is watching". This seems to be a perfect fit for that saying. Now a days in steemit I am coming across many creative stuffs like music composing, singing, game making, movie reviews etc thanks to curie's selected posts. But it is not in memory that I had seen a video of dance and now that issue is over.

One of the motto of steemit for me is to appreciate these talents and creativity, So I would say I really liked it the way you made steps for your dance and above all your instant thought of recording without any high fi stuff but just with a mobile camera, Good attempt.

Keep on such creative stuffs..Cheers

Thank you very much, @Angelro . Dance like no one is watching is the perfect fit :) How lovely, thank you for the kind and thoughtful comments. I'm so happy you enjoyed the video.

ehy dear @tifbro, so beautiful video! I really envy people who know how to dance and you make it seem so simple. you move like a wave, following the music and creating magic in your arms, you and the circle seem like one thing !! did you study dance or are you self-taught?
by the way congratulation !! :-))

Wow, what a beautiful comment, thank you! I love how you describe the dancing. You certainly have a way with words. I haven't studied dance but what helped me to feel the flow is the hula hoop. It forces you to flow! But also the music, if I don't feel inspired by the music my dancing is very uninspiring :D
Thanks again, @roadtohorizon :D

Hi tifbro,

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nice video

Thanks so much :D xx