She Lives Life The Way She Crosses The Road

in music •  2 years ago

Hi, I'm Benbrick!

I have been working on
a new video for my song Reckless
and I'm sharing it here before it
goes online anywhere else!

Written and Produced by Benbrick

Mixed by Goetz Botzenhardt
Mastered by Matt Colton

Art by Hyperglu ~

She lives life the way she crosses the road;
the way she crosses the road is reckless

She's felt love and she's watched it go
but she didn't wanna hurt no one, no.

It's in the way she's brought up
Spent her life caught up
Messing with the wrong things

She's trying to understand the wrong from right
But she's spent most of her life misunderstanding herself

But these things can't comfort me.
Cos' she don't want no part of me.

Transfer 1 SBD with the track title + e-mail address (or find me in for anonymity)

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for the new song to arrive in my email ;)

Very touching @thisisbenbrick... Beautiful flow.

Very beautiful, thank you for sharing such quality work with us. Namaste :)

Great song. 2.39 of real music! I see that many people like your work! You really deserve my upvote!


Beautiful! Very nice, @thisisbenbrick!

Very creative!

Just fabulous...I enjoyed reading as well I upvoted and followed

@thisisbenbrick Upvoted and followed! This is a great post and was chosen to feature on the front page of today's 'Steem Talk' edition:

Beautifulll music :D and did you make the visuals?


The original image is from Hyperglu but I animated it in Final Cut and added the text etc. Thanks for watching KW!

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