Musical treasure you've probably never had a chance to glimpse into

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In this series, I would like to present you some freaking good music you probably have never listened to. The origin of music is Serbia (ex Yugoslavia) and you didn't have the access due to a lot of reason like the language barrier, music industry domination of the USA and UK, etc...
According to many experts, Ex YU music scene was 4th - 5th in Europe. Behind UK, Sweeden, France and maybe Germany. That means a LOT of good music, lot of artists of all kinds and genres.
I find Steemit service as a good tool to bring closer that music to you.

Let's start with instrumental due: Delta project.

Delta Project is a joint effort from Sloba Marković & Sanja Ilić, one of the most productive ex-YU producing duo. Eight titles of pure instrumental easy listening music played on electronic keyboard instruments for relaxed and calm atmosphere. All titles are composed and performed by these two, who worked on film, TV and pop music. They are pioneers of electronic instruments for contemporary music in Yugoslavia (and Serbia, of course). This album was originally published in 1987 but remastered in 2001. Delta Project is the bestselling instrumental album of all time in this part of Europe.

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