this looks so cool! What is this thing?

Basically a programming language that is expressed graphically instead of just text like in typical languages. Deals with audio and low level control. This is a massive collection of objects I put together to synthesize and manipulate audio. Check it out

Are you using purrdata already or the vanilla version? I would like to send you a sequencer i've made with probability patterns. Really liked your synths.

Appreciate that! Send away! I'm using vanilla besides a simple output~ and peak meters I left in there.

Great! let me prepare the patch to be "usable" by other than me. I think it can be used in Vanilla, i used pd-extended some time ago and now i'm using Purr in Ubuntu. I also made some patches to control that sequencer using the touchOSC android app.

I know you like synths but it uses samples to work, even so it is fairly easy to play a synth drum with it.

Saw your website yesterday and liked a lot your work.

Sounds good let me know, I have purr so no worries if you can't do vanilla. Maybe check out mobmuplat if you haven't, wraps pd patches in android easily so you could have the seq and controls on your phone. And hey I really appreciate that! :)