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We wanted to remind you that there are 3 days left to submit for Week #31 of our Musicoin Weekly Contest!

Have a chance to win 100 $MUSIC (Musicoin's cryptocurrency) and a week promotion to your song!


Every week we are receiving Musicoin song submissions (songs CAN be instrumental) and we listen to them one by one.

Each #FRIDAY, we choose one to be the song of the week.

The winner receives 100 $MUSIC (Musicoin's Cryptocurrency) and gets featured at the front page of our website until next friday. The song is also shared on our main social media profiles (Steemit, Twitter and Facebook) throughout the week.


If you are not yet on Musicoin, click HERE to join and start with 250 coins!


The winner of Week #30 was Let's Go by @DeeStayChillin


Check out the song HERE!

Make sure you visit him on social media:



This is only the beginning, we are still thinking about new ideas and better benefits for this, of course if you have any suggestion you are welcome to leave comment about it!


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